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TWX/AOL Results

Tweet If you’re interested to get the details, here’s Yahoo! Finance. You can also read the WSJ (sub req’d) article and David Jackson’s highlights at the Internet Stock Blog/Seeking Alpha. In addition, AOL also formally announced that it would give away email accounts, a free phone number and other services (as has been widely known): […]

Nokia 'Internet Tablet' Now a Phone (for the Second Time)

Tweet From GigaOM: A second company has enabled the Noika 770 “Internet tablet” to be used as a phone where there’s a WiFi connection, SIPphone. Google is the other one. A related story from the NY Times (reg. req’d) covers the upgraded T-mobile “sidekick” (a device very similar to the 770, except it’s designed as […]

AT&T to Consumers: Don't Sue Us, You Have No Privacy

Tweet Nice. AT&T has been hit with class action customer lawsuits (and other litigation) claiming, among other things, that by disclosing phone/Internet records to the prying and domestic spying US federal government consumer privacy was illegally violated. AT&T, seeking to insulate itself from future lawsuits and potential future testimony in front of pretending-to-be-angry senators has […]

eBay: Just 'SkypeMe' Baby

Tweet After a long run up, and still billed as a "pilot proram," eBay is launching "SkypeMe" functionality in the US in 14 seller categories starting June 19: Automotive GPS devices Camera and photo lenses and filters Wired networking routers Skype devices VOIP / Internet telephony Diamond solitaire rings Real estate (residential, commercial) Manufacturing and […]

Mighty Mobile Microcomputers

Tweet I wrote previously that the right "form factor" was one of the essential components of making mobile work (beyond voice) as a mainstream opportunity for everyone. Today there are two pieces (1, 2) in the NY Times (reg. req'd) that talk about small PC devices that are supremely mobile. Wi-fi enabled, they're not phones […]

SkypeOut Goes Free in US, Canada

Tweet In an aggressive effort to build usage and adoption, eBay-owned Skype is making it's SkypeOut product free to US and Canadian users through the end of the year. Skype users can now call landlines and mobile phones free of charge. Here's the full release. This clearly puts pressure on competitors and traditional telcos and […]

What I Didn't Cover but Meant To

Tweet First, there's official launch of MySpace IM earlier this week. Presence (as an advertising vehicle) is becoming more important — note Skype news and AOL's AIM Pages. The TiVo deal with Brightcove: this brings Internet video content into the living room, even as more people are watching TV on PCs. Parallel universes are developing […]

What's Really Interesting About AIM Pages

Tweet First, here's the Flickr screenshot of AOL's new AIM Pages (with more detail from PaidContent via TechCrunch). It's very nice looking and a lot cleaner than the very awkward MySpace profile formatting. In fact, AOL had one of the first "social networks" with the AIM Buddy List but the company didn't really understand what […]

What Exactly Is Skype?

Tweet I met on Thursday with Skype's operations director Michael Jackson. The briefing had been set up to discuss security issues as Skype seeks to penetrate enterprises. I quickly accepted everything they were going to tell me about encryption and network security as true and moved on to talk about the user base, the product […]

The Lost VoIP Post

Tweet I'm so frustrated with WordPress at the moment. There were lots of malfunctions over the weekend and I thought I lost this entire blog for several hours. Tonight, I just spent about 45 minutes writing up and dissecting the results of this Harris Interactive Survey on VoIP awareness and adoption in the US and […]