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Nokia Ad Satirizes iOS-Android Flame War

Tweet I saw this on The Verge: it’s a new TV spot for Windows Phones (Lumia in particular). It’s pretty funny, though probably derivative of the Oreo Superbowl “library” spot (below). It’s set at a wedding whose guests are evenly divided between iPhone and Android users. A fight breaks out between them as they argue […]

Google Fiber Is a Massive Threat to Cable

Tweet Google Fiber is a fascinating thing. It picks up where Google left off several years ago with municipal WiFi. It’s also the second coming of Google TV in a certain way. And it’s much, much faster than anything else available from competitors. The fastest available ISP in my area is Comcast, which offers 105 […]

Cable TV Is the New ‘Landline’

Tweet Still have cable TV? That may become a cocktail party question and something of a proxy for how tech-savvy you are in the not-too-distant future. Like an AOL email address people may begin to apologize (and feel shame) for being tethered to cable. “I’ve got cable but it’s really just for internet.” There are […]

TurnHere Turns into New Creative Marketplace ‘SmartShoot’

Tweet Long-standing SMB video services provider TurnHere has reinvented itself as creative marketplace SmartShoot. The company has taken its tools and platform and is opening them up to the public and customers at large. Consumers, SMBs, retailers, ad agencies, Fortune 500 companies or anyone interested in still photography or video can now post projects for […]

Cable TV in Danger: Video Shifting to Other Platforms, Screens

Tweet Video is alive and well but the same can’t be said of the outlook for TV subscriptions. A bunch of data have come out recently that directionally confirm why cable companies should be worried about their TV subscription revenues. This week comScore reported that 100 million people in the US are watching online video […]

Spotzer Announces 50K SMBs on Platform

Tweet Spotzer, which began more or less as an acknowledged clone of Spot Runner, issued a press release saying that it now has 50,000 SMBs using its various marketing tools. The company evolved beyond purely offering video to be a full service “presence management” solution: The five year old technology powered agency has built and […]

Bad Advice on Reputation Management

Tweet A lengthy AdWeek article discusses reputation management for brands and a new crop of firms and tactics that try and bury negative consumer sentiment with artificially generated positive stories and content. In other words, these companies are using SEO tactics to try and “own the first page” of Google results: While the firms that […]

Gigwalk Holds Dramatic Implications for Local

Tweet At various points people have tried to create distributed workforces that can do things like verify business locations, transit information or take pictures of storefronts. Google did a version of this in the form of its Local Business Representative Referral program. The program was later abandoned. Now Gigwalk, which tons of people are writing […]

Video Provider PixelFish Buys Backyard

Tweet How’d you like to work for several months, have your startup get bought and then pocket several million bucks? That’s what’s happening to the founders of Backyard (Steve Espinosa and Andrew Shotland). Backyard was funded by Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, among others. Backyard is being bought by local video provider PixelFish. The irony is […]

Dex’s ‘Stomps’ with New TV Ad

Tweet Thanks to Sebastien Provencher for pointing out Dex’s clever new TV ad, inspired by the percussion-performance group Stomp: How effective do you think this is? I liked it quite a bit.