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YP Dives Deeper into Transactions with GrubHub Food Delivery Deal

Tweet YP has gotten more deeply into transactions with the addition of food-ordering and delivery service GrubHub. The new capability will be available on and the YP mobile app. It complements hotel and restaurant booking already enabled in the YP app, and it’s another third party relationship intended to enhance the content and functionality […]

Taxis vs. Uber: To Beat Them, Imitate Them

Tweet As I waited on a Berlin street corner this evening for a cab I wished UberX were available in Germany. It’s not. Black Car Uber is here but under legal attack.  I’m also told its pricing is not competitive with regular cabs and so it’s not widely used. In several countries, including the US, […]

Under the Radar, Thumbtack Grabs Surprising $100M Series D Round

Tweet Local services marketplace Thumbtack has been around for about six years. It raised its first VC round ($4.5 million) in January 2012. Last week it raised $100 million bringing its total funding to almost $150 million over five rounds. Most people in the local space don’t talk (or think much) about Thumbtack. But clearly […]

Square Grabs Caviar for Offline Food Delivery

Tweet At first blush it’s kind of strange: Square buying Caviar (for a rumored $90MM), a premium food delivery service. But maybe not. In its press release Square said the following: With the acquisition, Square deepens its commitment to providing independent sellers with services that make it easier for them to grow their business . […]

Cosmic, Inexplicable Cross-Platform Spouse Retargeting on Facebook

Tweet This week I wrote about the Zillow acquisition of Trulia. I haven’t spent much time on either site for quite awhile. So last night I decided to go back and more thoroughly explore Trulia for the first time in a couple of years. I performed a number of housing searches on my PC and looked at the […]

Zillow’s Success Based on “Big Data”

Tweet Zillow formally announced this morning that it was buying Trulia in an all-stock transaction worth $3.5 billion. I have followed both of these companies — less so after their IPOs — since their pre-launch days. (Makes me feel old.) I recall my initial pre-launch meeting with Zillow’s then CEO Rich Barton. There were numerous real estate sites […]

God-Zillia: Trulia-Zillow Combo Would Dominate Online Real Estate

Tweet Zillow is reportedly in talks to buy its biggest rival Trulia for roughly $2 billion according to Bloomberg. Both are public, though Zillow is the more valuable company by roughly 3X. Zillow and Trulia are the number one and two US real estate sites respectively. Depending on whose list you consult either Yahoo Homes […]

Yahoo Maps: Now with Street View-Like Images, Courtesy of Nokia

Tweet Nokia’s HERE Maps provide the data and functionality behind Yahoo Maps. Yesterday Nokia announced (thanks Max Minzer) a number of major UI improvements for HERE Maps. Many people love HERE maps but in my view HERE has lagged Google and, yes, Apple in important respects despite having a number of advanced features (e.g., offline maps in mobile). A Nokia blog […]

Location Targeting Effective in Some but Not All Verticals — Report

Tweet Neuster released its “Q1 2014 Media Intelligence Report.” I’ve written up the main findings at Marketing Land. The report is also embedded below. Essentially the report argues that social sites offer the greatest audience reach and cost efficiency vs. other channels (search wasn’t a part of the analysis). The data come from billions of ad […]

Survey: Facebook the Top Mobile App for Writing Local Reviews

Tweet According to the newly published “Local Mobile Trends Study” from the Local Search Association (conducted by Thrive Analytics) Facebook is the by far the app of choice when writing a local review on a smartphone or tablet. The survey, which involved just over 1,000 US smartphone owners, asked how many people had written reviews […]