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Yelp Offers New ROI Tool for SMBs

Tweet Yelp has introduced a “revenue estimate” tool for SMBs. The new ROI calculator aims to show or prove Yelp’s value to business owners. It’s free for all businesses that have claimed their Yelp profiles. There are no additional features for advertisers right now. It will, however, show whether advertisers are receiving more customer leads — SMBs can compare […]

Yelp Makes Its Homepage More Social

Tweet Yelp is rolling out a new homepage over the “next few weeks.” The company says the changes were motivated by discussions with “hardcore Yelpers” plus observation and research about how the homepage was being used. The new design is much more “social” and features an activity update stream from your network (assuming you’re signed […]

This Is My Final Post

Tweet While some people know that I was a lawyer for almost a decade, almost no one knows that I’ve written or co-written about six screenplays. Yes, it’s a cliche: lawyer-cum-screenwriter. But it’s true. For a number of years in the early ’90s I worked diligently writing scripts in the hope of getting one optioned […]

Laying Low — Literally

Tweet I haven’t been very active since Monday. That’s because I was struck with a very unexpected and debilitating episode of Labyrinthitis. I had never heard of it and the event was actually pretty scary.  I was incapacitated and didn’t know what was going on. It was an existential moment to say the least. I’m […]

The Groupon IPO and the Flawed Logic Behind Groupon Now

Tweet What Ponzi scheme? Investors don’t seem to be deterred by all the myriad PR missteps and other critical or negative publicity in the six months leading up to Groupon’s IPO. The stock is up a whopping 40% in early trading. (Here’s how much money the Groupon principals are making today: millions and billions.) What […]

Does Opinionaided Offer Hope for Q&A?

Tweet Many have tried; none have (so far) succeeded. There remains enormous promise in the idea of “local Q&A.” But no one has gotten the experience right. From Aardvark (now shuttered) to ChaCha, KGB, Facebook Questions and Yahoo Answers, there are lots of products and new ones emerging regularly (e.g., Local Hero, Localmind). Quora, which […]

Report: Only 15% of SMB Fans Are Local

Tweet You may have seen this written up last week, when I was gone. But I thought it was worth repeating or posting for those who hadn’t seen it: according to Roost, on average, “only 15 percent of the average local business’ fans are actually in the city where the business is located.” This is […]

Gigwalk’s New Gig: Microsoft

Tweet When I first heard about Gigwalk I was instantly fascinated and knew that it had great potential. Microsoft has come along to validate that with a new deal that will have “Gigwalkers” capturing local business information and taking interior photography for Bing in all of Gigwalk’s eight metro markets: New York, Los Angeles, San […]

Survey: 40% of SMBs Have Facebook Page

Tweet Here are some highlights from AT&T’s annual technology poll of 2,246 US small businesses*: 96% of SMBs use wireless technologies as part of their operations 72% use mobile apps; GPS/navigation and mapping mobile apps by far are the most popular, with nearly half (49%) of small businesses reporting that they use them for their […]

The Problem with ‘Hyper-Local News’

Tweet RWW asks Why Haven’t Neighborhood News Technologies Worked Out? The answer is complex but it goes back to Outside.in founder Steven Johnson’s early post “The Pothole Paradox.” The core notion is one person’s interesting “hyper-local” news item is another person’s noise. People care about national, international and local news. People don’t only care about […]