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Facebook's Growth and Demographic Shifts

Tweet Facebook Platform was simply a genius move by the social network, which had seen growth since opening up to general registration. But since Platform was announced, I and many of the people I know have seen scores of invitations to connect. LinkedIn was apparently feeling the pressure and so announced a couple of weeks […]

Metrics Malaise Comes to a Head

Tweet MediaPost (reg req’d) reports this morning that traffic metrics are the center of a dispute between the IAB and comScore and Nielsen: The Interactive Advertising Bureau late last week issued an open letter to comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings requesting they submit to a third-party audit of their measurement processes. Although the IAB has spent years […]

Off Topic: MySpace Blocking Photobucket

Tweet MySpace is not a “Web 2.0” company. Perhaps it is in terms of its age, but not in terms of its ethos. Here’s the controversy (blocking third party content). Here’s related coverage from NY Times’ Brad Stone, TechCrunch and GigaOM. Here’s the now infamous quote from News Corp. COO Peter Chernin: “If you look […]

Sharks, Lampreys and Widgets

Tweet Brad Stone of the NY Times writes about MySpace’s widget restrictions. Lots of people want access to the traffic, but MySpace is seeking to control who or what makes money on its site. TechCrunch has written in the past about MySpace and its widget-blocking, which is not total but widespread. (The company owns SpringWidgets.) […]

Alexa Slammed

Tweet It’s not like people don’t know the data are flawed, but Search Engine Watch’s Kevin Newcomb posts on an analysis done by Google’s research director Peter Norvig that seeks to undermine any claim to accuracy.

Compete Tracks Google Traffic

Tweet As Hitwise has done before it, Compete posted about the distribution of traffic (and traffic growth) across Google domains: Video, Blog search, Google Scholar and Google Desktop showed the most growth (from positions of relatively recent introduction or obscurity generally). So-called “under-performers” (traffic declines) included Froogle (taken off the homepage in favor of Video), […]

Monday Roundup

Tweet Over the weekend, the WSJ (sub req’d) speculated that Google would soon be acquiring Adscape Media, which inserts ads into video games. Microsoft bought Massive, which does the same thing, last year. This of course makes sense for Google as it seeks to expand its reach. According to the Entertainment Software Assn., about 60% […]

Search: It's Traffic Time

Tweet Here’s Compete’s relative ranking of the top search engines for December 2006: And here’s comScore’s December 2006 US market share data (6.7 billion total searches): The two sites disagree on Yahoo! and AOL directionally. For Yahoo! comScore shows a gain; Compete shows a loss of share. Regarding AOL, Compete shows a bit of a […]

Nielsen: Yahoo! with the Most Views

Tweet From today’s MediaPost (reg req’d): Nielsen reports that in 2006 Yahoo! was the page view king with 354.5 billion through the end of November. Notice Craigslist, Viacom (Nickelodeon) and Comcast. Also, if you combine the MSFT properties it moves into fourth position. (Click the chart to expand.) Source: Nielsen-NetRatings

iTunes: He Said, She Said

Tweet Lots of folks uncritically cite numbers that appear in the marketplace. There are lots of weak forecasts and data out there that aren’t very rigorously developed. And then there are the conflicting traffic numbers that I’ve posted about several times. In another related and interesting case of “How could they be so far off?” […]