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Yelp Beats MySpace, Just Behind Twitter

Tweet Released last week, the August 2011 comScore top 50 US sites showed that Yelp had grown from position 45, when it first entered the top 50 (1/11), to number 34 — ahead of MySpace and just behind Twitter. Here’s a closer look at the properties immediately around Yelp in the comScore rankings: We can […]

Yelp Breaks into comScore Top 50

Tweet First here’s December, 2010: And now the traffic numbers for January, 2011: Yelp has now shown up at number 45 and Yellowbook was dramatically demoted (from 28 to 50). Yelp probably merited inclusion before this and Yellowbook’s drop is very strange and must indicate some change of methodology . . . or something.

Borrell: Local Uniques Are Highly Overstated

Tweet In a report out today, that is sure to be controversial with publishers, Borrell Associates says that local sites’ unique visitor counts typically overstate the numbers of actual people visiting those sites — often dramatically. It also argues that many visitors are not truly “local” (in market) and so not good prospects for advertisers. […]

ComScore and the ‘Traffic Assignment’ Problem

Tweet A week ago I wrote a post that showed IYP sites/networks were still doing well notwithstanding all the pressure they were under from Google. In making that assessment I relied on comScore’s Top 50 traffic tables from a year ago and December, 2010. I said in the post: “Yellowbook wasn’t on the chart in […]

RedBeacon: Tough Slogging Ahead

Tweet In a quick Twitter post I described RedBeacon as ServiceMagic meets LocalPrice meets Bookfresh or Booking Angel: And you could substitute other company names for the ones above; there’s nothing truly novel here as far as I can tell. Admittedly I haven’t spoken to anyone at the company but the challenges of executing on […]

Shouldn't Most 'Product Search' Count as Local?

Tweet On Wednesday morning I’m moderating a panel at the Web 2.0 event in San Francisco: “Local is the New Global.” It features the CEOs of Zvents, TheFind, NearbyNow and Krillion. Interestingly three out of four of these companies are product-related and have nothing to do with services — the area everyone tends to focus […]

MerchantCircle Traffic Growth

Tweet Last week comScore put out its global Internet data: more than a billion users globally, China now number 1, etc. An interesting bit there, which many have already remarked about, is the fact that Facebook now has considerably more traffic globally than MySpace. The latter still leads domestically but it would appear that Facebook […]

Craigslist, eBay Top Paid, Organic Search

Tweet Speaking of eBay, it was at or near the top of Hitwise’s highest volume search terms in August: Also note MapQuest on the paid side and Craigslist on the organic side. Very interesting. What do you think is the explanation behind the high ranking of eBay and Craigslist among organic search queries? Announces Traffic

Tweet The company said it had 6 million monthly uniques for the destination and 16 million monthly uniques for its extended partner/ad network. Here’s the most recent comScore IYP data made public: The firm used to include in the IYP mix but no longer does: ___ Correction: I got the traffic data above […]

Google Q1 Results Challenge comScore

Tweet Publishers and site owners have long complained that third-party traffic measurement services such as Nielsen and comScore under-count their traffic and unique users. For example, Yelp sent me an email in late Feb saying that internally it shows more than 8 million monthly uniques, which was more than some of the third party services […]