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Dex Media Sees 12% Q2 Digital Rev Growth but 21% Print Decline

Tweet Earlier today Dex Media announced Q2 revenues. The company reported revenue of $474 million against a loss of $85 million. Digital revenues grew 12.4% but print revenue declined 21%. Operating revenue for the first six months was $930 million, a nearly 50% improvement over last year. Across the industry print continues to see a […]

Retailers, Indoor Location and the Risk of ‘Tight Geofencing’

Tweet There’s a debate about just how real “showrooming” is today. For example, UK-based affiliate network Tradedoubler published European consumer survey data that makes the threat of showrooming look pretty dire for retailers: 22% of in store smartphone users decide to buy online instead 20% changed their minds about buying “at all” 20% bought elsewhere (another physical store) 19% […]

YP Replaces Slogan ‘The New Way to Do’ with ‘Can Do That’

Tweet Last week YP unveiled a new slogan, which the company says represents the next evolution of its positioning and branding efforts. Its most recent taglline was: “The New Way to Do.” That campaign debuted last year. I wasn’t a huge fan, though I recognized what it was trying to convey: task completion, productivity, efficiency. […]

Verticalize or Die? YP Pushes Back

Tweet Yesterday at #LSA14 Neal Polachek and I ran a session on verticals. The thesis or premise of the discussion was something like “verticalize or die.” On the one hand Google has won the “name and number” horizontal lookup game. On the other verticals are “eating” general directories and local search sites. Publishers and sales […]

Surveys Show How Consumers Distrust, Seek to Avoid Marketers

Tweet At a minimum US consumers are ambivalent about marketing. But it’s probably more accurate to say they mostly don’t trust and try to avoid it. A recent YouGov survey finds that half of Americans distrust advertising (generally). The other half are more trusting and find ads “fairly honest or “very honest.” According to YouGov, trust […]

Local Search Study Now in 7th Year

Tweet The annual “Local Search Study” from comScore, 15 Miles and Neustar (Localeze) is now in its 7th year. (That’s kind of shocking to me.) New data are coming out tomorrow from the latest wave. Below are some of the published findings from that 2007 original study (n=3,000) commissioned by 15 Miles and carried out […]

Telephone Sales: Local Numbers Drive 90% More Pickups by SMBs

Tweet Speaking with a former local media sales executive on the phone recently I learned an interesting statistic about telephone sales to SMBs. He told me (citing a third party source) that small business owners are 90% more likely to take a call showing a local phone number ID vs. an 800 number. He was […]

Great Parody of TV Brand Advertising

Tweet This was featured on AdWeek. It’s like a well-executed SNL skit parodying expensive, high-end brand advertising (complete with thoughtful soundtrack and real or impersonated Sam Elliott voice over). It’s great and points out how manipulative TV advertising typically is.

Study: Print YP Ads Driving More Calls but Will Anyone Listen?

Tweet Since the rise of the internet and Google in particular print directory ads have lost most of their credibility. There’s evidence (from multiple sources) that print ads still “work” and drive valuable leads for local businesses. But there’s now considerable skepticism in the SMB marketplace about the value of print advertising. Against that backdrop, […]

Directories Must Radically Embrace Mobile

Tweet For several years internet yellow pages and other “horizontal” directories have been losing traffic. It’s partly result of Google’s unpredictable algorithm changes and the degree to which the company is obscuring or pushing organic results “down the page” with its various SERP redesigns and experiments (e.g., the local carousel). Yet the loss of “IYP” […]