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The New Foursquare: Rebirth or Last Gasp?

Tweet The new Foursquare app is coming. And, depending on the reaction, it represents new life for the company or a last-chance prelude to a sale. My guess is probably the latter but I hope for the company’s sake it’s the former. Yelp is 10 years old and Foursquare is half that old, having launched at SXSW […]

Survey: Social Media Has Little Impact on Consumer Buying

Tweet Gallup is out with new poll results that argue against the idea that social media have a widespread impact on purchase behavior. The data were compiled in December 2012 and January 2013. They argue on the whole that “social media” are mostly for communicating with friends and family, and to some degree colleagues. The survey asked explicitly whether social media […]

Fatdoor Is Back: The Neighborhood Network Relaunches (with Drones)

Tweet Before Nextdoor there was Fatdoor. And you may or may not recall Fatdoor wanted to be what Nextdoor has essentially become: a neighborhood-based social network. In many respects Fatdoor was ahead of its time, trying to bring the online and physical worlds together. It predated the mobile revolution, which might have helped the original […]

How Is Facebook Thinking about SMB Targeting, Segmentation?

Tweet Facebook launched its SMB roadshow in New York today: Facebook Fit. The company also announced that, globally, it had 30 million small business Pages (Business Pages) on the site. That’s up from 25 million just a few months ago — although that number includes SMBs with no offline presence. I asked Facebook in San […]

WhoDoYou Converts Social Conversations into SMB Referrals

Tweet Billing itself as the “anti-Yelp,” WhoDoYou last week launched online and as an Android app (iOS is coming soon). You would use WhoDoYou just as you would a Yelp, a YP or other local directories. The site’s differentiator is that it “collects sincere advice from real conversations on leading social networks, and converts them […]

Foursquare Splits the Baby in Two

Tweet Broadly speaking Foursquare has two overlapping audiences. There are those who joined early and use it to check-in and notify friends of where they are. Then there is a potentially much larger group of users who see it primarily as a local search and discovery app. However the check-in “brand” has defined what Foursquare […]

Yelp Could Solve Many Problems By Emphasizing Transactions

Tweet Yelp has done a number of high profile deals recently. Earlier this year Yahoo announced it was integrating Yelp content into its local results. More recently Yelp and YP unveiled a partnership, which benefits YP advertisers. Yelp also has significant deals with Bing and, of course, Apple Maps. Beyond this the company has an […]

Online-to-Offline: From the App to Aisle

Tweet I’ve been writing and speaking about indoor location for some time. However I’ve had relatively few direct encounters with these experiences “in the wild.” Partly this is because deployments are still rare and mostly in “proof of concept” testing. However last week I was taken totally by surprise by one such experience as I […]

Facebook Paper: Friends, News Don’t Mix

Tweet When it was released last week I immediately downloaded Facebook’s new app Paper. I like the app quite a bit and find it pretty engaging, with its Flipboard-like page swiping and turning. For me, however, updates from friends and actual “hard” news don’t really mix. The combination of professional content sources with the informal updates […]

Will Facebook Build a Stand-Alone Local Search App?

Tweet Facebook recently released Paper, a new “stand-alone” app that does many of the same things as the flagship Facebook app but in a more visually appealing way. The company has said that it will be producing more such stand-alone apps in the future. Other current stand-alone Facebook apps include Messenger, Instagram and the ill-fated […]