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Facebook Adds ‘Call Now’ Button to Local Awareness Ads

Tweet Last October Facebook introduced Local Awareness Ads (LAA) specifically for small business owners. These ads are relatively simple to create and they allow for multiple layers of targeting with location and audience targeting at the core. Facebook says you can create them in roughly two minutes. LAAs initially offered a “get directions” button intended, literally, to drive […]

40 Million SMBs and Counting: Facebook Makes New Push for Self-Service

Tweet Both Google and Facebook are making a big push into SMB education and self-service. Facebook announced yesterday another set of local seminars and events to help educate SMBs about the why and the how of the site and its ad products. There are two types events: “Boost your Business” half day events and two-hour […]

Facebook: We’re Building a Customer Service Organization for SMBs

Tweet Facebook’s Jonathan Czaja was interviewed by StreetFight this week. Czaja is a terrific guy who came to Facebook about a year ago from retailer Bonobos. Czaja defends Facebook’s throttling of organic News Feed reach and says that the company’s ad programs are evolving. Perhaps the biggest “reveal” of the article is that Facebook is […]

Despite Disappointments, Social Is Still Top Marketing Priority for SMBs — Survey

Tweet Local directory site Manta has come out with another of its regular SMB surveys, most of which I don’t write about because they tend to be focused on taxes, politics or hiring and are intended to attract mainstream news coverage. The most recent one however a couple of findings that struck me. The survey […]

Alignable: a New B2B Network for SMBs

Tweet A new startup Alignable aims to create a B2B social network for small business owners. Part Facebook, part LinkedIn, the site seeks to be a place that business owners can find support, community and unbiased advice to help overcome the isolation that often accompanies running a small business. I spoke to co-founder and former […]

Samsung’s Clever #IceBucketChallenge Ad

Tweet Here’s a clever if not-fully-realized way that Samsung got in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and demonstrated one of the benefits of its handset (water resistance) vs. others: Yet most brand efforts to exploit social-media phenomena like this are doomed to fail or worse (trigger a backlash). There are perhaps some lessons to […]

Survey Finds 60% of Consumers Visit Facebook Pages Before Buying in Stores

Tweet Last week Gannett’s G/O Digital released a new consumer study based on a survey of 1,000 US adults who were “interested in buying products and services from local/small businesses.” The purpose of the survey was to see how these consumers engaged with local businesses (and ads) on Facebook and how they used Facebook in […]

Cosmic, Inexplicable Cross-Platform Spouse Retargeting on Facebook

Tweet This week I wrote about the Zillow acquisition of Trulia. I haven’t spent much time on either site for quite awhile. So last night I decided to go back and more thoroughly explore Trulia for the first time in a couple of years. I performed a number of housing searches on my PC and looked at the […]

The New Foursquare: Rebirth or Last Gasp?

Tweet The new Foursquare app is coming. And, depending on the reaction, it represents new life for the company or a last-chance prelude to a sale. My guess is probably the latter but I hope for the company’s sake it’s the former. Yelp is 10 years old and Foursquare is half that old, having launched at SXSW […]

Southwest Airlines Removes Passenger for Tweet about Bad Customer Service

Tweet You may have read the story about the Minnesota man and his kids who were removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because he expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s boarding policy on Twitter. The father wanted his two kids to board early with him but because of their status that was denied. Here’s USAToday’s summary […]