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Fat People Use Yahoo and Other Search Demographics

Tweet A company called WebpageFX, which tracks “over 1,000 profiles in Google Analytics” has put together regional and demographic data about search engine usage in the US. The company says it has “search data for over 35,000,000 queries in 2012.” From this corpus it submits that “Google owns nearly 81% of the US search engine market.” […]

Microsoft’s New Anti-Google Docs Ads

Tweet The city of Boston just said that it will be replacing Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook with Gmail. Other municipalities have also done so, largely because of cost and IT savings over time. In addition Microsoft is feeling frustrated with the negative publicity and critiques of Windows 8. Its tablets have not sold particularly […]

Google Glass Gets ‘Sarah Palinized’ on SNL

Tweet I watched this past weekend’s Zach Galifianakis-hosted episode of SNL on Hulu, Sunday. Many people have already commented upon the Weekend Update bit that parodies Google Glass. In the event you haven’t seen it, the skit’s below. It’s pretty funny. It immediately made me think about Sarah Palin and how being parodied by SNL partly helped do her in […]

Google Glass Anticipated, Parodied Years Before Its Creation

Tweet Back in 2009 there was a funny parody video satirizing Twitter in its early days (below). Within the video (at 2:18) is a depiction of eyeglasses connected to a mobile network that allows people to read posts without being detected by others. It’s portrayed in the video as a ridiculous thing. Now it exists. […]

Nokia Ad Satirizes iOS-Android Flame War

Tweet I saw this on The Verge: it’s a new TV spot for Windows Phones (Lumia in particular). It’s pretty funny, though probably derivative of the Oreo Superbowl “library” spot (below). It’s set at a wedding whose guests are evenly divided between iPhone and Android users. A fight breaks out between them as they argue […]

Survey: Owning a Small Business Kills Your Sex Life

Tweet Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes Manta‘s new “business & marriage” survey of roughly 1,100 SMB members of its community. The survey was conducted in January and February of this year online. Manta found that 61% of its SMB respondents were married and 28% worked with their spouses in the business. The company […]

I Tried to ‘Zoom’ a Catalog Like an iPad

Tweet Last night I returned from London and another excellent Local Social Summit. Although small, LSS is one of the best “local search” events out there: the quality and range of speakers (from the US and Europe), the interaction among attendees and the general atmosphere are more interesting than most of the larger events I […]

Mapsatire: The New Yorker Cover

Tweet When I first saw the image below I thought it was an actual New Yorker Magazine cover. In fact it’s a clever Mad Magazine parody of a New Yorker cover — lampooning Apple Maps. Here’s the specific New Yorker cover it draws inspiration from: The New Yorker should have done something like this itself. […]

Google’s AR Goggles: Clock Off!

Tweet First the promotional video about Google’s “project glass” and then the amusing parody videos. The message of the parodies is that the glasses tell you the obvious, get in your way, would have obnoxious ads or have unintended consequences: The glasses themselves are real, according to images taken by Robert Scoble at a charity […]

Yes, It Was an April Fool

Tweet After last year’s April Fool’s post (“Exclusive: YPG to Buy Dex, SuperMedia”) was taken a little too seriously by too many people, I decided to write something this year only about myself: This Is My Final Post. I think I fooled about 75% of the people who read it. It seems convincing because of […]