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It’s the Ad Creative — Stupid

Tweet Time and again at tech marketing conferences the subject of ad creative is neglected or not discussed at all. Sessions are devoted to targeting, big data, attribution and so on. But creative is rarely seriously talked about, though there is some discussion going here in New York at Ad Week. Often the people who […]

Yelp Satirizes FB-Oculus Deal in Video

Tweet Yelp released a video satirizing the Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming headset. There’s also a dig at the notion that virtual reality represents the future of the internet. You decide if it succeeds or is merely snarky.

Great Parody of TV Brand Advertising

Tweet This was featured on AdWeek. It’s like a well-executed SNL skit parodying expensive, high-end brand advertising (complete with thoughtful soundtrack and real or impersonated Sam Elliott voice over). It’s great and points out how manipulative TV advertising typically is.

Tech Jargon to Banish in 2014

Tweet Timothy Egan of the New York Times wrote a column about “Words for the Dumpster.” These are terms he wants to see go away or that he thinks have lost meaning. Here’s his list: Artisan Brand Gluten-free Whatever 24/7 End of the day World-class Best practices I mostly agree with his list and arguments. […]

In Honor of the TWTR IPO: 4 Parody Videos

Tweet By now you know that TWTR will begin trading tomorrow on the NYSE having raised almost $2 billion (or more than $2 billion according to some). This values the company at more than $18 billion.  Twitter will earn more than $520 million in revenue this year, perhaps 70% from mobile. Yet various bearish questions […]

The New Online Imperialists

Tweet The Atlantic did a piece based on data from the Oxford Internet Institute regarding the global popularity of leading websites. The researchers mapped each country’s most popular site. The best part of the article is the presentation of the data as an “old world” style map of the globe. Actual military/territorial imperialism is out of […]

In Honor of the Gold iPhone

Tweet There are now persistent rumors of a gold or champagne colored iPhone. I think it’s a bad idea and that S. Jobs would be cringing. But perhaps there’s an appetite out there for iPhone bling. So in honor of the forthcoming Gold Phone . . . Goldfingaaaah:

Amazing Google-SMB Sales Call Showcased in The Internship

Tweet I was invited to attend a screening of the forthcoming film The Internship, which is set almost entirely on the Google campus (though it was mostly filmed at Georgia Tech). In the film’s third act, near the climax, stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and their younger intern teammates are tasked with selling a […]

When Google’s Knowledge Graph Goes Wrong

Tweet Earlier today I saw mention of Michael Jackson’s kids in an article. I was curious about their their names (couldn’t remember) and ages. I did follow up searches individually for his son, Prince, and his daughter, Paris Jackson. In the latter case here’s what the Knowledge Graph showed me: Clearly Michael Jackson’s daughter is […]

Ohio the Rudest State in US, South Carolina Most Polite

Tweet It’s National Etiquette Week; did you know that? And in keeping with demographically oriented analyses and infographics this morning, here’s some information on the most polite and rudest states in the US — as reflected by swearing and “potty mouth” conversation. Marchex performed an analysis on “more than 600,000 phone calls placed from consumers […]