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Mojiva Brings New Mobile Reach to Retailigence Local Product Ads

Tweet Ad network Mojiva is bringing local-store-inventory ads to its mobile partners using Retailigence ad units and creative. Below are some example ads (from a Mojiva) slide deck. However they illustrate real ads. Previously Retailigence announced a deal with DSP DataXu. Indeed, a version of these ad units — which insert location and product inventory dynamically — has been […]

Best Buy Desperately Needs Indoor Location to Improve Customer Experience

Tweet I was in my local Best Buy on Saturday looking at computer monitors, Windows PCs and TVs. It was a complete mess — literally and figuratively. The sales/customer service people were either overwhelmed, ignorant or indifferent. And the “store-within-a-store” product reps are everywhere: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Jawbone. Yet these people can only help you […]

Is There a Commerce Opportunity Waiting for Twitter?

Tweet This morning Twitter just added the ability to create curated timelines around topics, themes, brands, shows and so on. Undoubtedly there will be marketing and promotional opportunities that will emerge from this. As the company is compelled by investors to show growth in user engagement and revenues it will need to roll out new […]

Goodzer and Wanderful in Partnership for Local Product Data

Tweet This morning local inventory data provider Goodzer announced a deal with Wanderful Media. Wanderful will be using the product data in its Find&Save local shopping directory. In addition, the Goodzer local inventory data will be syndicated to Wanderful’s publisher and media affiliates (mostly newspapers) “in all of the top 50 designated market areas.” The […]

Our Discussion of Mobile Location Needs to Get Much More Nuanced, Sophisticated

Tweet Simple notions about how location fits into mobile marketing and advertising are starting to give way to something more nuanced and complex. Two announcements in the past 24 hours from Facebook and Flurry impressed this again on me. They also illustrate how location will probably be incorporated into a larger battery of targeting parameters […]

The New Shopping Paradigm: O-2-O-2-O

Tweet Roughly seven years ago Yahoo coined the term “ROBO” (research online, buy offline) to express what was then a growing phenomenon: people using the internet for research before buying offline in local stores. Since that time it has become extremely common, with more than 80% of internet users — some studies show more than […]

Online Sales Still a Tiny Fraction of Offline Buying, Mobile the Bigger Story

Tweet The story isn’t e-commerce. The story is how the internet (and mobile access in particular) is affecting retail sales overall and especially in stores. ComScore estimated Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales of roughly $1.67 billion. That’s a lot of money to be sure. But it’s a fraction of offline spending. The National Retail Federation […]

Where Ads Becomes PayPal Media Network

Tweet As reported and tweeted earlier today, PayPal has taken “Where Ads,” the “hyper-local” mobile display network from and made it the basis of something larger that it’s calling the “Pay Pal Media Network.” Walt Doyle, former CEO of, is now the GM of the PayPal Media Network. Here are the essential facts, […]

Retail Bowl (2011) Final Score: Online $162 Billion, Local $4 Trillion

Tweet Earlier today comScore released Q4 and full year e-commerce data for 2011. Total online sales for the year were roughly $162 billion ($50 billion in Q4). These figures are impressive and reflect solid double-digital annual growth. Here are the historical data provided by comScore: As large as they are, these numbers are still just […]

Goodzer Goes National and Social-Mobile

Tweet Goodzer, which offers local store inventory by crawling websites and matching store locations, has gone national and launched an iPhone app. The company says that it has indexed “billions of products from half a million local stores,” including independent “mom and pop” retailers. It also claims that it has “nearly one thousand times more […]