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Sophisticated Phishing for Apple IDs?

Tweet This afternoon I received the email below from “Apple.” It said my Apple ID had been suspended because of some change made to contact details. I made no such change but considered that one of my kids might have done something to trigger this. The subject line “DNR” and the logo in the upper […]

Improved Security Could ‘Sell’ Mobile Payments to Consumers

Tweet This past weekend I received a notification from Chase that there had potentially been a fraudulent transaction on one of my credit cards. I bought a mattress for my younger daughter in Macy’s several weeks ago and a second charge for the same amount ($868) showed up yesterday. My guess is that some person […]

Never Trust 'The Cloud'?

Tweet First the Twitter docs controversy: A hacker sent hundreds of allegedly authentic internal Twitter docs to TechCrunch. There was much sensitive information in there. Some of it TechCrunch is going to expose, some of it the site has chosen not to. Beyond the ethical questions surrounding TechCrunch’s potential disclosure of the docs, there is […]