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Details from the Yodle S-1 Filing: 45K Customers, $162M in 2013 Revs

Tweet Yodle filed its S-1 yesterday for a roughly $75 million IPO. Below are some excerpts: Yodle had $161.8 million in revenue in 2013, up from $132.3 million in 2012 Q1 2014 revenue was $45.7 million up from $35.2 million a year ago There was a net loss of nearly $6 million in Q1 Yodle says […]

How Is Facebook Thinking about SMB Targeting, Segmentation?

Tweet Facebook launched its SMB roadshow in New York today: Facebook Fit. The company also announced that, globally, it had 30 million small business Pages (Business Pages) on the site. That’s up from 25 million just a few months ago — although that number includes SMBs with no offline presence. I asked Facebook in San […]

Facebook Launches Summer Tour to Educate, Hear from SMBs

Tweet You’ve heard the numbers: 25 million SMBs have Pages on Facebook. A majority of Facebook’s million advertisers are SMBs. Clearly the company has a major opportunity in these numbers. The question is: how much energy, effort and resources need to be expended to develop it? So far Facebook has decided against pursuing a Google-like […]

Microsoft’s ‘Bing’ Local-Reseller Opportunity

Tweet During the past couple of days at the LSA conference in Southern California I saw two essentially competing presentations by Google and Bing. In a broad sense they were both pitches to local publishers and SMB sales channels to work with them as resellers. Of course Google has a very developed local media/channel reseller […]

Facebook: No SMB Resellers (for Now)

Tweet StreetFight published an interview with Facebook’s Dan Levy who oversees SMB programs. The thrust of the interview focuses on the declining organic reach of Pages.  It has been controversial and some see a conspiracy to generate more ad revenue for the company.  What was more interesting to me, however, was the part of the […]

Yelp Could Solve Many Problems By Emphasizing Transactions

Tweet Yelp has done a number of high profile deals recently. Earlier this year Yahoo announced it was integrating Yelp content into its local results. More recently Yelp and YP unveiled a partnership, which benefits YP advertisers. Yelp also has significant deals with Bing and, of course, Apple Maps. Beyond this the company has an […]

What Are ReachLocal’s Churn Numbers?

Tweet One of the key metrics that ReachLocal doesn’t disclose is advertiser retention or its opposite: advertiser churn. Yelp also doesn’t disclose this number. I suspect ReachLocal’s churn numbers are better than industry digital averages. This is what former CEO Zorik Gordon always maintained. And they have probably improved over time as the company has […]

Telephone Sales: Local Numbers Drive 90% More Pickups by SMBs

Tweet Speaking with a former local media sales executive on the phone recently I learned an interesting statistic about telephone sales to SMBs. He told me (citing a third party source) that small business owners are 90% more likely to take a call showing a local phone number ID vs. an 800 number. He was […]

Advertisers Paying Yearly Average of $18.5K to ReachLocal

Tweet Continuing with the earnings parade, ReachLocal reported its Q3 numbers this afternoon. It made $133.1 million but showed a bigger loss than a year ago. International, now representing 34% of total revenue, provided much of the growth for the quarter: 29% vs. 14% growth for US “direct local” revenue (SMBs). The following are some […]

Local Search a Key to Facebook SMB Advertiser Acquisition

Tweet Earlier this week Facebook reported “blowout” Q3 revenues of $2.02 billion (ad revenue was $1.8 billion). That compares with roughly $1.9 billion that Wall Street had expected. Earnings per share were also ahead of financial analysts’ expectations. The company announced: Daily active users of 728 million Monthly active users of 1.19 billion Monthly mobile […]