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New LSA Digital Media Certification Program Seeks to Identify Ethical Sellers

Tweet How many small business owners have received telemarketing calls from marketing companies making spurious claims about a guaranteed ranking on Google? The SMB-digital marketing services arena is full of noise with almost limited transparency. Business owners receive a barrage of calls per month soliciting their marketing dollars. The process of “vetting” these firms is […]

Yelp: Average Yearly SMB Ad Spend Is $3,204, 76% Retention, 269% ROI

Tweet B2B social network Alignable ranked Yelp at or near the bottom of its Trust Index as measured by NPS ratings. There’s also anecdotal evidence that many business owners hold negative views of Yelp or harbor conspiracy theories about review manipulation for ad-sales purposes. There are also critics in the industry who argue Yelp ads […]

Study Argues Most Current SMB-Focused Sales Efforts Are Completely Ineffective

Tweet It’s very noisy out there in the world of SMB marketing services. It has become harder to get attention and stand out in a crowded market where many of the products and services sound very similar — and it’s not getting any easier for marketing providers. Alignable just released some small business survey data […]

40 Million SMBs and Counting: Facebook Makes New Push for Self-Service

Tweet Both Google and Facebook are making a big push into SMB education and self-service. Facebook announced yesterday another set of local seminars and events to help educate SMBs about the why and the how of the site and its ad products. There are two types events: “Boost your Business” half day events and two-hour […]

Web Pros: GoDaddy’s Potential 3 Million Person Salesforce

Tweet I spent some time earlier this week talking to GoDaddy about the company’s forthcoming (now in beta) GoDaddy Pro product suite. It’s a set of tools and services adapted for small web design and developer shops. These folks in turn service mostly small businesses. This product line is partly built on top of GoDaddy’s […]

LSA 15 Workshops: A Tactical Experiment

Tweet I’m on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t been posting. But I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to come to LSA 15 in general and our Monday afternoon workshops in particular. The workshops take place on April 20 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. They’re something of an experiment for […]

Tomorrow’s Webinar: The Future of SMB Digital Ad Sales

Tweet Late last year the LSA published a white paper I wrote with Neal Polachek on the future of local digital media sales. It doesn’t offer a definitive list of solutions but clearly lays out the challenges, questions and issues facing traditional media publishers and digital-only channels. Tomorrow at 2pm Eastern 11 Pacific, Neal Polachek, Kerry Baldwin […]

The ‘Moral Imperative’ Behind Small Business Marketing

Tweet There are a lot of people I meet in technology who want to talk less about about the money-making side of the businesses than about the “social good” that their companies do or contribute to. I see this as part of a larger human desire to have a positive impact on the world. Whenever […]

Inside, Outside, In-Between: What’s the Future of Local Media Sales?

Tweet I’ve just completed a report with Neal Polachek on the future of local media sales: Local Media Sales 2020 — Platforms, Profits or People? Based on interviews with executives from Google, Yellowbook/Hibu, Dex Media,, Hearst, Buzzboard, ReachLocal, Yodle, newspaper sales executives and others, it looks a few years into the future and tries […]

Google AdWords Express App Aims to Boost SMB Self-Service

Tweet Google has introduced an app to help SMBs or anyone using AdWords Express to manage their campaigns on mobile devices. Ironically there’s no app yet for the main AdWords product. The AdWord Express app is currently available for iOS and Android devices. The new app allows businesses and advertisers to create or edit ads and choose targeting […]