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Dex Announces Q2 Post-Merger Earnings

Tweet Dex Media (the combination of Supermedia and Dex One) announced its first quarterly earnings since completing its merger. As you can see from the numbers below, print revenues declined 22% but digital revenue was able to offset those loses by roughly 6%.   Here are some verbatim excerpts from the earnings call transcript: For […]

Yelp Beats with $46M in Q1, 45% of Search Now from App

Tweet Yelp released Q1 earnings this afternoon. Top-line results of $46 million beat analyst estimates. Yelp also offered strong guidance, above estimates, for next quarter: $52.5 million – $53.5 million. Yelp reported a quarterly net loss of $4.8 million vs. $9.8 million in Q1 2012. The company anticipates FY 2013 revenues of $216 million – […]

Dex and Supermedia Back in Bankruptcy in Preparation for Merger

Tweet Both Dex and Supermedia are in Chapter 11 in preparation for their merger. Previously the majority of creditors signed off on the deal. The companies said that they’ll save $175 million per year as a combined entity. Jobs will undoubtedly be shed but as it stands the new company would have almost 6,000 employees. […]

YP Says It’s 2nd-Largest US Mobile Ad Network

Tweet YP issued a press release this morning saying that the company has “over $350 million in advertising revenue [in 2012] attributable to mobile, making it the number two company in the US mobile advertising industry.” IDC is the third party validating the claim in the release. Other facts in the release: YP said that it […]

Yelp Says It Could Influence $10 Billion in Offline Spending

Tweet Yelp reported Q4 and full-year earnings this afternoon. The company’s revenues were up but there was also a larger-than-expected loss. Revenue in Q4 was $41.2 million (on the year it was $137.6 million). The Q4 loss was $5.3 million. Top-line growth has been solid for Yelp, with most of its revenue coming from local […]

The Problem with Blindly Repeating Stats

Tweet A lot of the statistics we see cited and circulating are only partly correct or need more context to be properly understood. Yet when sexy data are published — and I’m guilty of this as well — numbers are too often simply repeated (retweeted) without any investigation of what’s behind them. Once a stat […]

Local Earnings: ReachLocal and Yelp Report Q2 Results

Tweet Yesterday ReachLocal reported Q2 earnings and just a few minutes ago Yelp released its second-quarter results. Overall, ReachLocal reported $112.2 million in quarterly revenue (21% growth vs. 2011). This was largely powered by direct local advertisers and international revenue. The company has 21,300 active advertisers and 828 total sales staff. Yelp reported Q2 revenues […]

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: What’s Really at Stake?

Tweet There were two related events this morning that raise the question of what’s at stake for Google if it gets ousted from its position on the iPhone as the maps data provider. On the surface the two events may not appear directly related, but they are. First, the IAB put out an estimate of […]

YPG, SuperMedia Both See Revenue Declines

Tweet Over the past several days both Yellow Media (YPG) and SuperMedia posted Q1 results. SuperMedia revenues were $363 million, down 17% vs. a year ago. However company margins improved due to tighter expense management. Net income was up 107% compared with the same period last year. Yellow Media took a $2.9 billion goodwill impairment charge, […]

Yelp Q1 2012 Revs: $27M w/$10M Loss

Tweet Yelp is out with its first quarterly earnings as a newly public company. Here’s the top-line and the bottom-line: Revenue was $27.4 million; 66% higher than Q1 2011 There are now 27.6 million reviews across all of Yelp’s sites Monthly uniques grew to 71.4 million Active local business accounts (is this “advertisers”?) grew 117% to 27,300 […]