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Cyber Monday’s $2 Billion in Perspective

Tweet ComScore is out with data trumpeting the single biggest day in US e-commerce history. This year, according to the measurement firm, Cyber Monday sales were just over $2 billion — a new single day record. There are conflicting numbers from various sources about whether there was positive or negative growth this year for the big holiday weekend. […]

More than Half of Top 25 Google AdWords Spenders Sell Mostly Offline

Tweet AdAge published a list, based on multiple sources, of Google’s top 25 AdWords advertisers in 2013. Together they spent $1.34 billion on paid search in the US according to the analysis. There’s no breakdown of how much of this is mobile. Amazon is the single largest spender. However, what’s interesting is that roughly half or slightly […]

Details from the Yodle S-1 Filing: 45K Customers, $162M in 2013 Revs

Tweet Yodle filed its S-1 yesterday for a roughly $75 million IPO. Below are some excerpts: Yodle had $161.8 million in revenue in 2013, up from $132.3 million in 2012 Q1 2014 revenue was $45.7 million up from $35.2 million a year ago There was a net loss of nearly $6 million in Q1 Yodle says […]

Yelp Could Solve Many Problems By Emphasizing Transactions

Tweet Yelp has done a number of high profile deals recently. Earlier this year Yahoo announced it was integrating Yelp content into its local results. More recently Yelp and YP unveiled a partnership, which benefits YP advertisers. Yelp also has significant deals with Bing and, of course, Apple Maps. Beyond this the company has an […]

Local-Mobile Ad Revs about $1.6 Billion Today

Tweet BIA/Kelsey just published an updated local-mobile ad forecast. The firm says that “U.S. mobile local advertising revenues will reach $4.5 billion in 2014, up from $2.9 billion in 2013.” It also estimates that US local-mobile ad revenue will reach nearly $16 billion in 2018. That projection is probably too aggressive. But more importantly, the […]

Online-to-Offline Spending 10X Larger than E-commerce

Tweet Marketing Land exposed new data from Custora, which estimates that e-commerce grew 10% year over year in February. By comparison traditional US retail grew 1.5%. Beyond this mobile commerce grew at a higher percentage than e-commerce overall and represented nearly 20% of total e-commerce sales in February. Extrapolating from the figures provided, if Q1 […]

AOL Sees Ad Revenue Growth, Patch to Be Outsourced or Sold

Tweet AOL announced Q3 earnings this morning. Revenues for the quarter were $561 million. The company saw 14% revenue growth driven primarily by its third party ad network and video in particular: 32% growth in Third Party Network revenue driven by growth in the sale of premium formats, primarily video, across our programmatic platform. Third Party […]

Dex Media: Print Down 21%, Digital Up 6% YTD; Digital 24% of Revs

Tweet DexMedia, the combination of Dex One and Supermedia, announced third quarter earnings today. The company reported $397 in quarterly revenue and a loss of $132 million. The company also said that it made $1.03 billion in the first nine months. Print continued to see declines of just over 20% YoY. These print revenue losses […]

Yelp: 62% of Searches Coming from Mobile

Tweet A little while ago Yelp announced Q3 revenue and earnings. Results were mixed. The company posted strong revenue growth but missed analysts’ consensus earnings estimates. The company reported revenues of $61.2 million in Q3, which represented 68% growth vs. a year ago. However there was a loss of $2.3 million (4 cents per share), up […]

AOL to Sell or Shutter 30% of Patch Sites

Tweet There was much discussion of Patch on AOL’s recent earnings call. CEO Tim Armstrong said AOL remains “fully committed” to Patch but also announced more changes, including the closure or sale of failing Patch sites (the “bottom third”) and significant, additional cost reductions over the entire operation. There are roughly 900 Patch sites currently […]