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Survey Says Yelp ‘Best Quality,’ ‘Most Trustworthy’ Local Review Site

Tweet Late last night Yelp released the results of a Nielsen survey of approximately 1,000 “local review site users.” The survey results identify Yelp as the category leader according to a number of criteria such as usage frequency, quality, trust and influence. I haven’t yet had a chance to look at the full Nielsen survey […]

Survey: Facebook Top Way to Recommend SMBs After ‘Word of Mouth’

Tweet Local SEO firm BrightLocal has released new consumer survey findings. This is the fourth year/wave of this survey, which featured US (90%) and Canadian (10%) responses from just over 2,000 adults. There are many findings surrounding local search; however I’m only going to focus on a few of the data points that I find […]

Yelp Could Solve Many Problems By Emphasizing Transactions

Tweet Yelp has done a number of high profile deals recently. Earlier this year Yahoo announced it was integrating Yelp content into its local results. More recently Yelp and YP unveiled a partnership, which benefits YP advertisers. Yelp also has significant deals with Bing and, of course, Apple Maps. Beyond this the company has an […]

Does Google Need Help with Helpouts?

Tweet Google’s Helpouts, the company’s live, remote video tutoring and learning program, is a terrific idea — provided it doesn’t become overwhelmed by people doing a form of lead-gen. But I was led to wonder how much traction and usage it has? It only launched in November but I haven’t heard or seen much about […]

Thinking about Local (and Mobile) in 2014

Tweet I’ve been thinking quite about about local and mobile for 2014. Lots of predictions about digital marketing and trends have come out in the past few weeks. Most of them are overly broad, aggressive or, on the other end, obvious. On the one hand people like to make bold predictions because they’re sexier and […]

Perch: A Unique SMB Benchmarking and Social Media Teaching Tool

Tweet Although it relaunched last week I just received a tour and closer look at the newly redesigned Perch app yesterday from Closely founder Perry Evans. The redesign was partly triggered by the introduction of iOS7. Evans and his team have also refined the app based on early SMB-user feedback. Beyond this he told me […]

Survey: Getting Reviews the ‘Hardest’ Part of Local Online Marketing

Tweet According to data compiled by BrightLocal’s Myles Anderson, local digital marketing is getting “harder.” The charts and data below are based on surveys of local SEOs and those doing digital marketing on behalf of SMBs. (I’m also informed that there were some SMBs among the survey respondents.) The major challenge expressed is that of […]

Yelp Brings Out the Scarlet Letter Again

Tweet Yelp announced that a number of businesses recently got caught buying or otherwise trying to manipulate or fake reviews and that they would be getting a Scarlet Letter (“Consumer Alert ) on their profile pages for 90 days accordingly: We’ve seen some pretty extreme chicanery in connection with these businesses, including people buying fake […]

Go Daddy a Potential Giant in SMB Digital Marketing Services

Tweet Go Daddy: you know it as the largest domain registrar in the world. It has also been known for its “sexy” (some would say sleazy) commercials. But with new CEO Blake Irving (formerly Chief Product Officer at Yahoo) at the helm and some local veterans in its ranks now, the company is making a […]

Closely Launches SMB Competitive Intelligence App ‘Perch’

Tweet Perry Evans’ Closely launched a very interesting SMB-focused app called Perch. It’s a little hard to describe what it is. It’s easier to talk about what it does. Part reputation monitoring, part analytics, part competitive intelligence and part social media education tool, the promo copy on the iTunes site says, “Perch delivers a live, […]