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Regulation Is Here, Internet Professionals

Tweet I’ve been saying it for well over a year and Facebook may have been the final straw. The concern over privacy and user control raised in the wake of the Facebook “Open Graph” and Social Plugins initiative, as well as ongoing questions over behavioral targeting and online data mining, have created a kind of […]

Google Books: DOJ Likes Concept, Not Terms

Tweet The US Department of Justice filed its statement and reaction to the Google Books Search Settlement and came down somewhere in the middle. The US supports the concepts behind the settlement but raises a bunch of concerns and issues surrounding the specifics (emphasis added): The United States strongly supports a vibrant marketplace for the […]

FTC-Sears Deal Points toward BT Regulation

Tweet The US FTC has approved a settlement with Sears regarding online tracking that requires it to destroy data collected from consumers, who were paid $10 to download software that monitored their online behavior. According to MediaPost, the Sears program sent “pop-up ads to 15 of every 100 visitors that asked for their email addresses. […]

In Brief: Google, YouTube, Marchex, FTC Regs

Tweet Here are some things going on this morning/today that I don’t have time to give more attention to: Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigns from the Apple board because he has too many conflicts of interest given that the companies compete across a number of areas now. Here’s Apple’s official statement; it’s clean: “Unfortunately, as […]

IAC Q2 Results: the Local Part

Tweet IAC reported Q2 results, which are very mixed but improved from Q1. Here are excerpts that pertain to local: Citysearch [part of Media & Advertising] launched its new technology platform and announced the addition of and to its Citygrid partner network. IAC now has approximately 5.5 million local smartphone apps downloaded in […]

Micro-Hoo: Thoughts Part 2

Tweet The deal’s big winner is Microsoft, which makes no upfront cash payment and gets Yahoo!’s reach now for its advertisers. Yahoo! wasn’t compelled to do this deal but perhaps the board and the market pressure was too much. Yahoo! gets some revenue guarantees, access to search data (for BT on other properties) and doesn’t […]

Google OS Makes Sense, Creates Problems

Tweet Google Apps, Google browser, Android . . . Chrome OS. As most of you know by now, Google announced a full-blown operating system for netbooks and PCs: Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks […]

Newspapers, YPs Sing the De-Listing Blues

Tweet First it happened to Idearc and now RH Donnelley: R.H. Donnelley Corporation, one of the nation’s leading Yellow Pages and online local commercial search companies, announced today that The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has determined that the trading in the common stock of R.H. Donnelley should be suspended in view of the fact […]

Why Not a Newspaper Bailout?

Tweet BusinessWeek colunmist Jon Fine offers a “tongue & cheek” [sic] suggestion of a bailout for the newspaper industry. In a way, why not? It’s being discussed for GM. Fine says: This industry employs over 52,000 journalists, thousands of other workers, and it faces unprecedented challenges. It takes more than a quadrennial sales spike from […]

Posts at SEL

Tweet I’m tired so I’m not going to post much here today. I was up too late last might mourning the loss of John McCain (kidding). Earlier today I did three posts on a number of Google and search-related developments at Search Engine Land: Citing Risk, Google Ends Yahoo Paid Search Deal Tech Companies Win […]