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The ‘Influencer Marketing’ Scam

Tweet Considerable attention these days is directed toward “influencer marketing.” My (as yet) unproven theory is that it’s basically all bogus. It’s certainly true that trusted “influencers” — a term I dislike — can impact buying decisions. There is a lot of data to support that assertion. For example, the following from the 2015 Nielsen […]

Surprise — Local Search Not Part of EU’s Google Antitrust Charges

Tweet As expected this morning the European Commission filed a formal Statement of Objections against Google. These are formal charges that Google abused its market position in search in Europe. Google will get a chance to rebut them but the outlook for Google is not great. Google competitors and critics had been vigorously lobbying for […]

Top 5 Things Marketers Must Know about Location + Privacy — Free Webinar

Tweet A few weeks ago local San Francisco coffee chain Philz Coffee agreed to “stop tracking customers” following an “investigative report” from a local ABC TV affiliate. The station trumpeted the move as though it had uncovered some secret government conspiracy or major corporate corruption. The owner, Jacob Jaber, tried to explain to ABC that the Euclid system “is not shared […]

What Google’s New European ‘Rival Links’ Local Results Will Look Like

Tweet Many of you already know this: yesterday Google and the European Commission settled the antitrust search investigation against the company in Europe. The parallel US action was settled a year ago. There were a number of issues in the case; however the main focus was on Google’s “vertical results,” which rivals contended were siphoning […]

Check-ins May Have Peaked but Location-Sharing Is Growing

Tweet The Pew Research Center has released new data on mobile use of location-related services and features. It focuses on maps/directions/local search apps, check-ins and geo-tagging of social media posts. The chart below compares use of location-based services (broadly defined) with the use of what it calls “geosocial services” — essentially apps that allow users […]

Instagram’s New Privacy Policy: Will the Service Be Around in a Year?

Tweet As you’ve no doubt read by now Instagram changed its privacy policy to pave the way for advertising, including using user-generated photographs in ads. This is driven in part by its new Facebook ownership and the success of Sponsored Stories on the Facebook side of things. Facebook paid nearly $1 billion for Instagram because […]

Minors on Facebook: When Will the Feds Crack Down?

Tweet Strangely an old story showed up on Techmeme this morning: “CR Survey: 7.5 Million Facebook Users are Under the Age of 13, Violating the Site’s Terms.” This was based on a survey conducted by Consumer Reports earlier this year and released in May. What it says basically, as the headline indicates, is that there […]

Social Media Force a ‘Conversation’ between Marketing and Customer Service

Tweet When most marketers think and talk about social media they mean Facebook ads and fans or Twitter followers — or getting “viral” mileage out of more conventional media buys. They rarely if ever include customer service in that discussion. More precisely they don’t think about the way customer service now directly impacts their marketing […]

Privacy Poll: Tough Times Ahead for Marketers

Tweet Several recent developments have created a kind of perfect storm for privacy in 2011. Last month’s FTC privacy report, the Obama Administration’s plans for a Privacy Czar, do not track browser tools from Microsoft and Mozilla and now anti-tracking consumer survey data will make for tough times for marketers in the year ahead. Here’s […]

Privacy Regulation Is Really Really Here

Tweet According to the Wall Street Journal the Obama administration is going to establish a committee or czar to oversee implementation of Internet privacy rules that are coming down in a Commerce Department report: The Obama administration is preparing a stepped-up approach to policing Internet privacy that calls for new laws and the creation of […]