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Twitter Can't Stem the Fallout This Time

Tweet Whole Foods was built on the back of left-leaning consumers who not only liked the experience of shopping at the over-priced (but very posh) stores but also their community mindedness and seemingly progressive policies. Whole Foods’ brand took a bit of a hit last year when CEO John Mackey was “outed” in early 2008 […]

How Much Damage to United?

Tweet Recall that I posted about Dave Carroll and the mishap with his guitar and United’s baggage handlers. His video on YouTube about his experience saw millions of streams. Now the UK’s Times Online claims that the episode and subsequent damage to the brand caused by the widespread viewing of the YouTube video resulted in […]

Twitter's $48 Million in Free Media

Tweet I thought this was very interesting from AdAge: Twitter’s been the toast of TV news programs, daytime talk shows, magazine editors and newspaper reporters. But what’s all that chatter worth? According to news-monitoring service VMS, a cool $48 million over the past 30 days. (That’s half of what Microsoft plans to spend marketing its […]

Canada's YPG First on Twitter

Tweet Sebastien P. was the first to discover this but I also stumbled upon it this morning: Canada’s Yellow Pages Group becomes the first North American publisher on Twitter.  Other publishers and YPA take note.

Eric Schmidt from High Atop the Search Perch

Tweet Because the interview with Eric Schmidt ran long there wasn’t much time to ask questions (especially about local or SMEs). A few things struck me however about the discussion. Here are some thoughts and random observations: Schmidt made a very sincere and believable “appearance” (as they say in the legal profession). I buy that […]

Google Checkout, Click Fraud and PR

Tweet This is a precarious time for Google. Sure, it seems to be opening up an even bigger lead in search. But it has also started to suffer something of a backlash among “insiders.” The public is largely unaware of all the drama: “Google is too powerful,” “Google is the Microsoft of the Internet,” “Run […]

NSA Spying, AT&T and PR Death

Tweet Taking off my political hat and putting my analyst hat back on, it's interesting to contemplate the potential corporate PR fallout from the NSA scandal. Communications companies won't say whether they were/are involved, and for good reason — consumer backlash. AT&T, likely one of the big participants, is stonewalling and hoping to make disappear […]