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My Recent Depressing Realization about All This Crappy ‘Content Marketing’

Tweet One of the things I do every day is blog. I haven’t been blogging here as much because I have too much work these days. I’m blogging on LSA Insider, Search Engine Land and its sister sites Marketing Land and MarTech Today. As a person who has been writing or editing in some capacity for […]

Yelp Could Solve Many Problems By Emphasizing Transactions

Tweet Yelp has done a number of high profile deals recently. Earlier this year Yahoo announced it was integrating Yelp content into its local results. More recently Yelp and YP unveiled a partnership, which benefits YP advertisers. Yelp also has significant deals with Bing and, of course, Apple Maps. Beyond this the company has an […]

Yelp’s New San Francisco Digs

Tweet Yesterday was a ribbon cutting ceremony for Yelp’s new headquarters in the historic Pacific Bell building (1925) in downtown San Francisco. At one time the building was the tallest west of the Mississippi. I was unable to attend. But here are a few of the shots provided by the company:

Facebook to Allow Targeting by Telephone Number?

Tweet The blog Inside Facebook reported that Facebook is considering new types of ad targeting, including by email address, UDID (mobile) and phone number. Here’s the screen capture the site posted, appearing to validate the claim: This would be horrifying but, apparently, Facebook is going to require that the consumer already have provided the information […]

Zillow Hires Citigroup, Preps for IPO

Tweet Bloomberg reported this morning that Zillow hired Citigroup to manage its IPO: Zillow Inc., an online real-estate information service, has hired Citigroup Inc. to manage its initial public offering, three people with knowledge of the company’s plans said. The exact timing of an IPO filing from the Seattle-based company wasn’t provided by the people, […]

Google CEO Shuffle: Voluntary or Not?

Tweet The big news of the day is Eric Schmidt’s move from CEO at Google to “executive chairman.” Here’s the coverage on Techmeme and here’s the Google announcement. Starting April 4 the far less polished but more authentic Larry Page takes over as CEO. Here are my questions: Is this a good move for Google? […]

Skype and ‘Customer Service Is the New Marketing’

Tweet It’s not clear whether this was planned or a response to the negative reaction that I and others had yesterday to the $1 credit that Skype offered to compensate people for the recent outage. I got an email this morning extending my Skype subscription by a week: “As a valued customer of Skype, we […]

Skype Offers Lame $1 Voucher for Outage

Tweet So everyone knows that Skype had a major outage and went through a round of public apologies and mea cuplas. I wasn’t personally affected but many were. This kind of thing reminds one that Skype isn’t a total replacement for more conventional phone service. There’s a credit voucher offer as part of the above […]

2011: The Year of Privacy?

Tweet When people wind up to write the postmortems for 2011 a year from now one item that may be high on their lists of milestones and trends is privacy. The FTC and the Obama Administration have indicated that they’re going to take action to varying degrees. The lawyers and private litigants are also circling […]

Bad PR Viral Video: Pre in Beer Mug

Tweet As a brand you never want to see something like this, which has become viral: Palm Pre in a beer mug: [youtube=] I own a Pre and like it in some respects but have grown more frustrated and impatient with the device over time, rather than less. I’m considering getting rid of it and […]