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Amazon Stores: Books, Branding or the Future of Retail?

Tweet Credit: Yelp This past week there has been considerable discussion about Amazon potentially opening several hundred book stores in malls around the country. This was sparked by an article in the Wall Street Journal in which the CEO of mall operator General Growth Properties discussed these alleged plans. GGP subsequently was forced to issue […]

Right Time and Place for Curbside

Tweet Curbside a new mobile shopping app has formally launched with almost $10 million in funding. Jaron Waldman is CEO. He was the head of the “Geo Team” at Apple following the acquisition of his mapping startup Placebase. Simply put, Curbside taps into the “buy online, pick up in-store” infrastructure of major retailers such as […]

Goodzer Now Aggregating SMB Data, Moving Into Local Marketing Services

Tweet Goodzer has been an aggregator and syndicator of local product data — something of a survivor of the “real-time inventory” push that came a couple of years ago. Now the company is getting into “enhanced local services content” and wants offer “merchant-facing performance marketing and presence solutions” for both enterprises and SMBs. The company […]

IBM’s ‘Wide-Eyed’ Local Shopping Predictions

Tweet It’s year-end roundup and predictions season. However most predictions that I’m seeing are safe, vague or derivative. Among scores of others IBM has released its now annual “5 in 5” set of predictions about how technology will change our lives in five years. Courtesy of my Opus Research colleague Dan Miller (who sent them […]

Havvit: New Local Product-Inventory App from Local Corp

Tweet Local Corp. has released Havvit, a local-shopping app that leverages the Krillion data and infrastructure that it acquired a couple of years ago. The company intends the app to be a stand-alone consumer experience as well as a “showcase” of what can be done with its data. I found Havvit overall to be a […]

Mojiva Brings New Mobile Reach to Retailigence Local Product Ads

Tweet Ad network Mojiva is bringing local-store-inventory ads to its mobile partners using Retailigence ad units and creative. Below are some example ads (from a Mojiva) slide deck. However they illustrate real ads. Previously Retailigence announced a deal with DSP DataXu. Indeed, a version of these ad units — which insert location and product inventory dynamically — has been […]

Retailigence Powers Reserve for In-Store Pickup (in Mobile Ads)

Tweet Retailigence has introduced a novel feature for mobile advertising: the ability for consumers to reserve products within an ad (or landing page) for in-store pickup: Much like online reservation systems for the restaurant industry, the Retailigence platform allows consumers to make reservations for retail products via the Retailigence in-app interface, retailer shopping apps or […]

Google Introduces Local (Inventory) Product Listing Ads

Tweet Google today announced that it’s going to integrate local product inventory data into its Product Listing Ads. To start the company said it would be working with a select group of retailers (REI and Sephora were named). Users who search for products will see a pin icon indicating local product availability. After the initial […]

Smartphone Use Grows for Offline Shopping

Tweet Local Corp. has come out with a new report documenting how consumers use smartphones and multiple channels in the online-to-offline purchase process. The data are based on a survey of roughly 1,000 consumers conducted by the e-tailing Group in August 2013. Many of the findings cover familiar territory. However they help reinforce the following ideas: […]

Retailigence Begins to Realize Promise of ‘O2O’ Marketing

Tweet The “Online-to-Offline” opportunity is at least 10X larger than e-commerce. That’s the massive prize local shopping platform and data provider Retailigence is pursuing. And after nearly four years the company may have found a model and sufficient momentum to realize its promise. Retailigence has been around since 2009. It was part of a wave […]