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Guess: Phone #s in AdWords = PPCall

Tweet Google, to my knowledge, has always allowed phone numbers to appear in AdWords ad copy. But this has not been a widely employed practice. Or maybe at one point it was allowed and then later disallowed; I’m not sure. However last week over at Search Engine Land we were sent a screen shot that […]

Google's Click to Call into PPCall?

Tweet Telmetrics’ Bill Dinan offers a column at Search Engine Land and thoughts on Google’s mobile Click to Call offering. He wonders: Will national advertisers flock to the Google click-to-call model in droves and effectively out price many local advertisers? Will Google use the click pricing temporarily while it builds critical mass? At the recent […]

Telmetrics: Google Click2Call Good for Industry

Tweet The following is a piece by Bill Dinan, President of Telmetrics, about Google’s recent expansion of its Click to Call mobile advertising program and its potential larger significance in the market. The opinions are solely those of the author . . . While search monetization for Google has always been about clicks and measuring […]

Google Debuts Click to Call for Mobile

Tweet Today Google is formally launching functionality that enables a “clickable local phone number” to appear in mobile ads.  In other words a phone number appears as part of the ad copy and consumer-users can simply tap the number to initiate a call (see image below). It’s a call for the price of a click […]

Call Tracking Controversy?

Tweet The emerging conventional wisdom is that call tracking should be uniformly included in search and other online marketing campaigns. However in a column today at Search Engine Land, David Mihm strongly argues that call tracking is not a good idea: To maximize your rankings on Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local, your business’s […]

MSFT Integrating CPA into Search

Tweet Microsoft is going to make an announcement later this morning about product search and a new “cashback” program. (It’s being called “bribery;” it’s not.) I’m sworn to uphold the embargo, but others have either learned about it or broken the embargo and written about it. Here’s my post on SEL. Among the several interesting […]

Online Booking for SMBs and CPA

Tweet Bob Tedeschi’s NY Times column today examines online booking/calendaring and three sites that are competing in more or less the same segment: Hourtown, Booking Angel and GenBook. GenBook appears farthest along with business development and Hourtown is using a subscription model rather than CPA/PPBooking, which the other two favor. OpenTable and online hotel reservations […]

Offline Conversion Tracking

Tweet Christine Churchill writes a good piece about offline conversion tracking today on Search Engine Land. This is the key in opening many people’s eyes to the power of local. Local is really about where the money changes hands. It doesn’t happen online. The Internet is a marketing platform that influences purchase decisions that happen […]

Superpages Video Launch Update

Tweet I just got off the phone with Eric Chandler and Robyn Rose, president and VP of marketing for Superpages respectively. As usual they were extremely candid and forthcoming, which I really appreciate. Chandler explained that Superpages actually had introduced video ads on its site “four or five years ago, but we were way too […]

SuperPages Signs Deal with DirectoryM

Tweet To syndicate its advertisers out through DirectoryM’s publisher network. From the release: Idearc Media Corp. and DirectoryM today announced a distribution agreement that allows Idearc to place its Superpages.com® advertisers’ content on the DirectoryM online advertising network. Under this agreement, Superpages.com’s performance-based advertisers will now be available within the DirectoryM directory which is distributed […]