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Go Daddy a Potential Giant in SMB Digital Marketing Services

Tweet Go Daddy: you know it as the largest domain registrar in the world. It has also been known for its “sexy” (some would say sleazy) commercials. But with new CEO Blake Irving (formerly Chief Product Officer at Yahoo) at the helm and some local veterans in its ranks now, the company is making a […]

Free Webinar: 8 Ways to Increase Conversions with Call Tracking

Tweet I’ve probably been writing about the importance of calls, call-based analytics and pay-per-call (PPCall) for about eight years. While call tracking has been around for decades, PPCall is still a relatively new phenomenon. As an ad model PPCall had a false start about seven years ago because it wasn’t embraced by the big sites […]

Telmetrics: PPCall Taking Off Among SMBs

Tweet Canadian call measurement firm Telmetrics said this morning that the company is seeing PPCall take off in mobile and among small business advertisers: “In comparing Q1 2012 to Q1 2011, Telmetrics is tracking 348 percent more pay per call ads.” I spoke to Telmetrics’ Bill Dinan late last week. He told me that where […]

Bing Eliminates Local-Ad Targeting in Places Where It Gets No Traffic

Tweet Microsoft announced that it was removing a list of cities (spreadsheet) from Bing/adCenter location targeting. In a blog post yesterday the company said: Many advertisers use location targeting to reach relevant customers and improve campaign performance.  To optimize targeting in the US and Canada, we will remove about 10,000 cities from adCenter targeting in […]

The Untimely Demise of WebVisible

Tweet WebVisible celebrated its 10 year anniversary in a blog post on October 17, 2011. On December 27, two months later, it was out of business. I tweeted the news on Tuesday based on an internal company email forwarded to me. The email carried the signature of CEO Ron Burr, explaining that the bank had […]

LoMo Network xAd Grabs Yodle, 15 Miles Execs, Begins Direct Sales Push

Tweet Local-mobile advertising network, xAD, which had been an aggregator of yellow pages and other third party local search ads to mobile publishers, announced the hiring of three executives and a new direct sales effort — partly aimed at SMBs. Here are the new hires: Ron Merritt will be senior vice president of sales (from […]

Google Integrates C2C into GMail

Tweet Google is integrating click to call (C2C) into Gmail: With the ability to call phones built right into Gmail, you no longer have to get out your phone and retype a number anytime someone sends you one in an email or chat message. Starting today, you’ll see that phone numbers appear as links, like […]

Akesios Brings Sophisticated Lead Management to Local Channels

Tweet I got briefed last week by Akesios’ Ben Barney about the company’s new Ad-Direction automated yield management offering. It was impressive and appeared to me to be unique (or nearly so) in the local market today. Akesios began as a YP consultancy and then became a technology company and platform. In lay terms (and […]

Will ‘Click-to-Call’ Drive More SMBs into AdWords?

Tweet Most US small businesses don’t do search advertising and those that do typically are doing it because somebody sold it to them. But Google’s success with mobile Click to Call advertising suggests that it may have a winner that drives greater penetration among certain categories of SMBs. The company introduced Click to Call ads […]

Telmetrics: Prevent PPCall Spam

Tweet Call tracking and PPCall firm Telmetrics put out a release that indicated telemarketers are calling business lines (published on the Internet) more often partly because of the consumer “do not call” registry: Telmetrics’ call analysis showed a 61 percent increase in telemarketer activity from January-February 2009 when compared to January-February 2010. I’m guessing that […]