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Free Webinar: 8 Ways to Increase Conversions with Call Tracking

Tweet I’ve probably been writing about the importance of calls, call-based analytics and pay-per-call (PPCall) for about eight years. While call tracking has been around for decades, PPCall is still a relatively new phenomenon. As an ad model PPCall had a false start about seven years ago because it wasn’t embraced by the big sites […]

Telmetrics: PPCall Taking Off Among SMBs

Tweet Canadian call measurement firm Telmetrics said this morning that the company is seeing PPCall take off in mobile and among small business advertisers: “In comparing Q1 2012 to Q1 2011, Telmetrics is tracking 348 percent more pay per call ads.” I spoke to Telmetrics’ Bill Dinan late last week. He told me that where […]

Case Study: Localization Beats National Advertising for Gym Franchise

Tweet Last week I spoke to a company called Balihoo, which is very much like LiveTechnology Holidings, targeting the national-local segment, franchises and co-op advertisers. Balihoo works with brands and franchises to coordinate national ad campaigns at the local level. It automates local ad creative on behalf of local branches, outlets and franchises. Recent surveys […]

PPCall Goes Mainstream (Six Years Later)

Tweet This morning call-tracking and analytics provider Telmetrics offered some new call-related¬†predictions for the year: Pay Per Call Goes Mainstream With Mobile: High mobile adoption rates for both consumers and advertisers mean there is a mutual understanding of the platform and the relevancy of calls. Mobile Propels Pay Per Action: Advertisers today realize the wealth […]

Telmetrics Brings ‘m.Call’ Numberless Call Tracking to iOS

Tweet On the heels of its 10 country European expansion, Telmetrics is announcing the extension of its m.Call capability to the iOS platform. The m.Call solution permits publishers and marketers to track mobile calls (for measurement/ROI or PPCall purposes) without using a traditional call-tracking number. Telmetrics uses “unique tracking IDs, which are linked to advertiser […]

PPCall Comes to Google on the PC

Tweet Google has formally introduced PPCall this morning for AdWords advertisers in the US and UK. The program is called “bid for calls” and is built on Google’s Call Metrics call tracking program. (There’s some additional detail in my post at Search Engine Land.) Now advertisers can bid separately on calls — and “call throughs” […]

Survey: High Demand for Call Advertising

Tweet Pay-per-call (PPCall) marketing has never lived up to its potential because of challenges with distribution. But the rise of mobile has given call-based ads a big boost. The documented success of Google’s Click-to-Call (PPCall) program and the suggestion that Google may create online call-based marketplace is lending new momentum to PPCall. Local marketing firm […]

Google to Build PPCall Marketplace

Tweet Google is announcing that its Call Metrics call-tracking offering is going to be generally available to all US and Canadian AdWords advertisers. I’ve written up more detail at Search Engine Land. The image below shows what Call Metrics call-tracking ads look like in AdWords. Right now using Call Metrics costs advertisers $1 per completed […]

24% of Internet Users Have Made Online Calls

Tweet Landlines in the US are disappearing. About 40% of US households are either mobile only or primarily mobile. The number of HHs without a landline at all stands at 27% according to the US Center for Disease Control. Against this backdrop it’s interesting that a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project survey found […]

Drilling Down on Microsoft-Skype: the Local Angle

Tweet There’s already been a ton of discussion about Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype and I’ve written the deal up at a high level over at SEL. This would be Microsoft’s largest acquisition to date, by more than $2 billion. There are many ways to imagine Microsoft using and integrating Skype: In the enterprise […]