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AOL CEO: ‘Patch Is the Number 4 Local Property on the Web’

Tweet The only statement AOL made about “local” in yesterday’s earnings release and slides was the following: “Patch grew traffic, advertisers and ad impressions over 100% year-over-year.” However, on the earnings call AOL CEO Tim Armstrong opened up a bit about Patch and its performance. Armstrong reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the embattled product: “Patch […]

AmericanTowns Launches GreenTowns

Tweet AmericanTowns.com has launched GreenTowns in conjunction with Readers Digest and several other partners. Using the technology infrastructure of AmericanTowns, the new effort covers 15,000 towns/cities in the US with the intention of publicizing and supporting sustainability initiatives across the country. It also seeks to strengthen offline community around those efforts as well. It’s a […]

YPA Stages ‘Wisconsin’ Protest at SF City Hall

Tweet Trying to keep up pressure on the SF Board of Supervisors, which seeks to make print directories opt-in in San Francisco, the Yellow Pages Association helped organize a protest outside SF City Hall yesterday: Organized by the Yellow Pages Association, the demonstration drew employees from AT&T and other publishers of commercial phone books. They […]

SF Tries to Force ‘Opt-in’ on Yellow Pages

Tweet I missed this last week but the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is seeking to pass municipal legislation that would require advanced permission (opt-in) before delivering phone books. An unsolicited delivery would bring a potential fine of up to $500 for each violation: [D]istributors and publishers of Yellow Pages phone books would be barred […]

AmericanTowns Builds Local Voting Guide

Tweet AmericanTowns is behind a new effort to help voters get unbiased information free from the din and frenzy of unrestricted campaign spending and related TV and radio advertising (thank you Supreme Court). It’s called VoteAmerica2010. It contains an Election Guide, overview of local ballot measures and information about voter registration and polling places. It […]

Twitter Can't Stem the Fallout This Time

Tweet Whole Foods was built on the back of left-leaning consumers who not only liked the experience of shopping at the over-priced (but very posh) stores but also their community mindedness and seemingly progressive policies. Whole Foods’ brand took a bit of a hit last year when CEO John Mackey was “outed” in early 2008 […]

Reading of the Dec. of Independence

Tweet I listened to the reading of the Declaration of Independence on NPR this morning. Aside from one unfortunate characterization of Native Americans it’s a remarkable document, written by one person: Thomas Jefferson. And the reading by all the NPR reporters is both interesting and powerful. Listen to the whole thing; it’s only about five […]

Layoffs in the Era of Twitter

Tweet Matt McGee posted on the Yahoo layoffs, happening today. Here’s Jerry Yang’s fairly standard-issue post as well. I know some people at Yahoo and don’t know whether/how many are being laid off. Sometimes misfortune in the near term turns out to be a blessing over the long term. Stepping back from the human part […]

Obama and Zune

Tweet Zune has struggled to make inroads against the dominant iPod. And recently we heard rumors of a forthcoming Zune phone. But if a rumor that Obama uses a Zune is true, it could be a “hipness” boost for the device. Gizmodo is the source of the rumor/assertion. Whether or not you voted for him […]

'Fireside Chats' Updated: Obama on YouTube

Tweet More evidence of the new era that we’re in: President-elect Obama has begun to do direct-to-voter YouTube broadcasts, which have been likened to an updated version of FDR’s depression-era radio addresses.  It makes complete sense and gives Obama direct reach into the hearts and minds of voters in ways that other forms of mass […]