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Facebook, False Equivalence and the Darker Side of Social Media Revealed

Tweet Undoubtedly you’ve seen the controversy surrounding Facebook and the election. How much did the circulation of fake news and other false, inflammatory content contribute to the election of Donald Trump? In some areas the margins were very thin — Michigan in fact remains too close to call. While many critics have charged that unchecked […]

On Tuesday, Go Out and VOTE. It’s Much More Important than Digital Marketing

Tweet Against the backdrop of the larger problems in the world — and there are too many to name — I sometimes question whether I’m spending my time wisely, writing and doing research about digital marketing. I like what I do but their are times when I think I should be doing something for the […]

Surprise — Local Search Not Part of EU’s Google Antitrust Charges

Tweet As expected this morning the European Commission filed a formal Statement of Objections against Google. These are formal charges that Google abused its market position in search in Europe. Google will get a chance to rebut them but the outlook for Google is not great. Google competitors and critics had been vigorously lobbying for […]

Cities Trying to Protect Taxi Biz Against Uber Onslaught

Tweet I hate the overuse of the term “disruption.” It may be descriptive but it has become a cliche. It clearly applies, however, in the case of Uber, and similar ride-sharing services Lyft and SideCar. While the taxi business is still healthy in New York it has dramatically declined in other US cities. For example, an […]

NSA and Big Data Collaborating and Quid Pro Quo-ing

Tweet Last week after the Snowden-NSA spying revelations I asked the question, Big Data vs. NSA PRISM Snooping: Is There a Difference? Some people said I was nuts or stupid because the differences are “obvious.” Paraphrasing, their arguments went: online and offline data collection for marketing purposes is relatively harmless because it’s just about ad […]

Big Data vs. NSA PRISM Snooping: Is There a Difference?

Tweet Question: What’s the difference between marketing-related data mining of consumer behaviors (either online or in the “real world”) and the recent revelations about NSA domestic surveillance?  My guess is that it would be very challenging for you to distinguish the two. In the case of NSA PRISM, the agency is accused of capturing huge […]

Welcome to Dystopia

Tweet What if the al-Qa’ida plan all along had not been to actually kill thousands of Americans but to create enough fear and anxiety among the population at large that Americans willingly surrendered their basic freedoms to a government that had become more secretive, paranoid and extra-legal in its operations. If we were in a movie […]

Online Yellow Pages Becomes Organizing Tool for Turkish Protestors

Tweet As you probably know an originally peaceful protest against development of an Istanbul city park (Gezi Park) has turned into a national crisis for the right-wing government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Secular protesters unhappy with the Erdogan government’s attempt to “Islamify” Turkey are calling for the prime minister to resign. The unrest has […]

Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Socialist: Vote Today!

Tweet Regardless of your political orientation, you should vote today (if you’re in the US). People around the world routinely brave horrific conditions, even death threats, to exercise the right to vote. Yet Americans are often complacent: “It doesn’t really matter who I vote for.” It sure as hell does. And there are typically lots […]

Yelp and the Florida Pizza Kerfuffle

Tweet By now you know what happened. A Florida restaurant owner (Big Apple Pizza) was photographed “bear-hugging” President Obama over the weekend. The registered Republican said he would likely support Obama in the fall. The story got lots of coverage, mainly because the guy lifted Obama off the ground. But his stated support for Obama […]