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When a Big Company ‘Acqu-hires’ Your Beloved App Disappears

Tweet Earlier today Yahoo announced that it had bought a small local-mobile recommendation app called Jybe. On the same day it’s being reported that Pinterest has itself grabbed the conceptually similar Livestar. Livestar and Jybe were both “acqu-hires,” to get the founders/engineers of these companies and deploy them on other things at Pinterest and Yahoo […]

LON Introduces Quality Scoring, Personalization to Deal Network

Tweet There have been moves recently by companies in the deals segment to evolve the model beyond the original “daily deals” concept, which was push-email based or involved simple deal syndication. For example, a couple of weeks ago, NimbleCommerce launched a new deal-based ad network. And yesterday Local Offer Network (LON) introduced deal scoring and […]

Google’s New Plus Personalization: How Will It Affect Local/SEO?

Tweet As you’re starting to see Google is rolling out a major change today: more personalization and greater integration of Google+ into search results. Here are some of the explanatory articles: Search, plus your world (Google Blog) Google’s Results Get More Personal With “Search Plus Your World” (Search Engine Land) Google’s search revamp is all […]

Is IBM’s Watson the ‘Perfect Search Engine’ Google Has Been Talking About?

Tweet I’m probably the only person who didn’t watch the amazing defeat of the human Jeopardy champions by IBM’s Watson. The whole affair was a brilliantly “engineered” commercial for IBM. The company has already received contracts from Nuance and others after the win. But after reading all the stories and watching all the video my […]

Bizzy Hits Milestone, Releases Top Lists

Tweet ReachLocal recommendation site Bizzy announced that it has reached 100,000 “favorites.” Simultaneously the site released lists of top cities (usage) and favorite restaurants in those cities: These sorts of top lists are very valuable. This is how I see the “Like” data playing out in many local contexts also, assuming it doesn’t get polluted […]

More on Facebook, Privacy & Data Mining

Tweet Here are two unrelated pieces on Facebook that I ran across nearly simultaneously: An Online Alias Keeps Colleges Off Their Trail Facebook VP: Why We Want Marketers to Like “Like” The first is from the NY Times, about how high-school students and college applicants are trying to make it harder for colleges to find […]

Yipit, Group Buying and SMBs

Tweet I recently wrote a short post about Groupon and the growing phenomenon of group buying online. Among the several companies I mentioned in the post was Yipit. I lumped the company in with several others as purveyors of local deals to consumers. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by the co-founders of Yipit (who wanted […]

Facebook Default Privacy: Everyone

Tweet Facebook has simplified its privacy settings but the default settings, which will be “chosen” by many or most, expose almost everything to the public. The cynics will say this is about APIs and better competing with Twitter going forward. Here’s what they look like: Here’s what I then did: There’s much more discussion on […]

Placecast Gains $5 Million in Series B Funding

Tweet 1020 Placecast has raised $5 million in Series B funding “from a group of high-profile investors including Quatrex Capital and current investors Onset Ventures and Voyager Capital.” The company is going to grow its LBS mobile platform efforts accordingly. The press release says that the funds “will be used to accelerate progress on the […]

MapQuest Local Adds Twitter Feed

Tweet I got off the phone with Mark Law, product VP for MapQuest, a few minutes ago. He and I discussed the new additions to MapQuest local content, including Jobs from AOL Careers (via CareerBuilder) and a widget that offers a local Twitter feed: The site also recently added local events content from When (an […]