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O2O: Time on Wine Site Leads to Direct Mail Piece in My Mailbox

Tweet I had a very interesting experience “online to offline” this week. One of the speakers for the upcoming Place Conference is Trace Johnson of wine retailer Total Wine & More. I was doing a prep call with him and spent some time poking around the Total Wine site in advance of the call. I […]

Can Location Save Mobile Advertising?

Tweet Yesterday on Marketing Land I wrote about a new mobile ad blocking report that contends there are now roughly 419 million people blocking ads on mobile devices around the globe. That’s up from about 200 million a year ago. The highest concentration of ad blocking users is reportedly in Asia, while it is less […]

LSA 15 Workshops: A Tactical Experiment

Tweet I’m on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t been posting. But I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to come to LSA 15 in general and our Monday afternoon workshops in particular. The workshops take place on April 20 from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. They’re something of an experiment for […]

YP Turns MyBook into Social Sharing Tool

Tweet YP has made its innovative MyBook personalization and favorites feature into a social sharing tool. As of today personal lists or “collections” can be shared through SMS, email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Users can easily save a friend’s list/collection to their own MyBooks or share their lists in response to a question or inquiry […]

Google I/O: Google Extending Its Business

Tweet I’m headed into San Francisco to attend Google I/O this morning. I’ll be in the audience for the keynote where Google will likely show off or announce: New smartwatches using Android Wear A new TV entertainment/gaming system and or a new set-top box Android in the car New efforts around Nest and the connected home The […]

Verticalize or Die? YP Pushes Back

Tweet Yesterday at #LSA14 Neal Polachek and I ran a session on verticals. The thesis or premise of the discussion was something like “verticalize or die.” On the one hand Google has won the “name and number” horizontal lookup game. On the other verticals are “eating” general directories and local search sites. Publishers and sales […]

Google Now Should Become a Newspaper

Tweet I have become a heavy Google Now user. But I want it to do more than it’s currently doing. One of the things that I think Google Now should do or become (in addition) is a “morning newspaper.” Facebook’s new Flipboard-like Paper, which won initial raves, is more or less explicitly modeled on the […]

Thinknear: Mobile Location Is Wrong More than It’s Right

Tweet A couple of years ago I spoke with Thinknear CEO Eli Portnoy about location accuracy in mobile advertising. My recollection is that he said between 5% and 10% of impressions carried a lat-long and many of those were inaccurate — often derived from a centroid and converted into a lat-long. Thinknear was acquired by Telenav in 2012. The […]

Thinking about Local (and Mobile) in 2014

Tweet I’ve been thinking quite about about local and mobile for 2014. Lots of predictions about digital marketing and trends have come out in the past few weeks. Most of them are overly broad, aggressive or, on the other end, obvious. On the one hand people like to make bold predictions because they’re sexier and […]

G-Maps for iPad Promotes ‘Local Discovery’

Tweet I looked at the updated Google Maps app for iPad for the first time this morning. It’s different in a number of ways from the PC and smartphone experiences. As a general matter one of the changes in the new Google Maps for PC (beyond the UI) is that it offers social and expert […]