People search Archives’s iOS Apps Now Allow You to ‘Find Everything Nearby’

Tweet has upgraded its iOS apps for iPhone and iPad and made them more user friendly and comprehensive. The tag line now is “find everything nearby,” which means residences, people and local stores. The new and improved app maintains existing features and adds a range of new capabilities. Among them you can now search […]

WhitePages Launches Two Neighborhood Search Tools

Tweet Over at SEL I’ve written about a new local search app called Localicious. It’s focused on neighborhood-level search and has some nice features like “pre-checkins” (via Foursquare). Tips and reviews for businesses are drawn from APIs. I love the “Localicious” name but asked WhitePages’ Kevin Nakao why the company didn’t use the WhitePages […]

Private Messaging on Google+

Tweet I just discovered how to send private messages on Google+, courtesy of Google’s Jim Prosser. You type your message and then the individual or individuals’ names in the bar where “public” or circles would go — and voila it’s a direct message. This is a great feature that I thought was missing. It’s easier […]

Hiya: a Location-Aware Address Book from WhitePages

Tweet has created a new (location-aware) mobile and Web-based contacts manager called Hiya. Most people’s contacts are highly disorganized and incomplete — I know mine are. aims to change all that with Hiya. According to a survey WhitePages conducted with Harris to publicize the beta launch of Hiya: 94% of adults store contacts […]

From Directory to 'Connectory'

Tweet At a “blogger day” last week, I and LMS colleague Pete Headrick, had a chance to hear about where the company’s been and where it’s going: interesting places. It was preceded by a Mike Arrington-moderated discussion about the iPhone and several iPhone apps (Urbanspoon, Jott, and WhitePages). The demos and initial discussion were […] Turning into Quasi Wiki

Tweet said it is going to allow users to update, alter and enhance their listings as it morphs into a “people search” engine. From today’s press release: In 2008, is committed to adding a number of significant enhancements to its people search service. The new user generated content capability will eventually allow consumers […]