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Will Square ‘Inevitably’ Creep into SMB Marketing Services?

Tweet One of the several co-sponsors of yesterday’s Facebook Fit event was Square. I had a very interesting conversation with the company about its just-announced Caviar acquisition and its expanding product portfolio. For the time being at least Caviar seems to be just about restaurants. There’s been considerable adoption of Square Stand (Register) in the […]

Study: PayPal Most Used Digital Wallet, Apple Passbook Used Most Often

Tweet A new survey about digital wallet usage from Thrive Analytics finds that there’s a significant gap between awareness (PC + mobile) and usage. As one might expect, usage is higher among younger people and payment security is the biggest usage inhibitor. The online survey had 2,038 US adult respondents. Interestingly the survey found that […]

Is Google Shopping Express Destined to Become Webvan?

Tweet According to a post on re/code, Google is planning to spend $500 million to build out Shopping Express.The same-day delivery service is currently in limited availability but apparently the company is committed to expanding it nationwide. Today Google Shopping Express is available in parts of California. Current stores involved in the program include Target, […]

Improved Security Could ‘Sell’ Mobile Payments to Consumers

Tweet This past weekend I received a notification from Chase that there had potentially been a fraudulent transaction on one of my credit cards. I bought a mattress for my younger daughter in Macy’s several weeks ago and a second charge for the same amount ($868) showed up yesterday. My guess is that some person […]

Thinking about Local (and Mobile) in 2014

Tweet I’ve been thinking quite about about local and mobile for 2014. Lots of predictions about digital marketing and trends have come out in the past few weeks. Most of them are overly broad, aggressive or, on the other end, obvious. On the one hand people like to make bold predictions because they’re sexier and […]

Fast-Casual Restaurants Put Self-Service Tablets on the Menu

Tweet Many of you undoubtedly saw the announcement this past week that Applebee’s is following similar “fast-casual” restaurant chain Chili’s and putting tablets on tables in all its restaurants. Applebee’s also owns the IHOP chain. The tablets and software are from startup E la Carte. Between the two (possibly three) chains thousands of restaurants and […]

With Features and Focus Flint Seeks to Rise above Payments Noise

Tweet There are so many startups now operating in the arena loosely called “mobile payments” that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. The market is very noisy. So when I hear about new companies getting funded or entering the market I tend to be skeptical. However I had to opportunity at the Street […]

Square Cash Is Extremely Easy to Use — Scary Easy

Tweet I just sent money to my mom this morning using Square Cash. It was so easy it was kind of scary. Google has offered a similar send money via email feature for a number of months.   That’s also quite simple to use. It’s difficult to say which one is easier, though I’d probably […]

PayPal Beacon Disruptive, NFC May Be Toast

Tweet Analysts, banks, carriers and developers have been waiting for Apple to introduce an NFC-enabled iPhone to jump start NFC based mobile payments. That didn’t happen today. But earlier this week PayPal introduced a mobile payment solution (called Beacon) that could make NFC largely irrelevant in the US market. PayPal Beacon, if you’re not already […]

OpenTable and the ‘Ecommercification’ of Local

Tweet At Internet2Go I contrasted OpenTable’s new mobile payments test with carrier-backed ISIS and praised OpenTable’s approach. I believe people using OpenTable will naturally see payments as an extension of the service. And they already have a trusted relationship (for the most part) with the company/app. Extending into payments makes sense for OpenTable, for consumers […]