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Google Maps Turns 10 But What Will Mapping Look Like 10 Years from Now?

Tweet I remember when Google Maps was just a baby. Google launched Maps in 2005. It wasn’t the first digital mapping product by any means. But with its then-novel ability to drag the map without reloading, it quickly came to define dynamic mapping and continues to be the dominant mapping property today. (Re/Code has a […]

Two Major ‘Local Metatrends’ of 2014

Tweet There have been a lot of year-end roundups and predictions posts over the past two weeks. I participated in a couple of those for ReachLocal and StreetFight. I specifically declined to do that here. Now however I want to offer an abbreviated year in review post. Looking forward to 2015, there are lots of interesting things happening […]

Death to the Click: Google ‘Store Visits’ Watershed Moment for Ad Measurement

Tweet Google isn’t the first company to start measuring offline store visits. Facebook has done it; so has xAd, NinthDecimal, PlaceIQ, Placed and others. Indeed, those in the mobile ad space have been doing it for some time. Yet Google’s introduction today of a new “Store Visits” metric is a watershed moment. As I say in […]

With Atlas Online-to-Offline Conversion Tracking Goes Mainstream

Tweet The online and offline worlds are coming together in multiple ways. For some time I’ve been talking about how in the near future offline measurement will be imperative for digital marketing platforms and networks. No longer will it be sufficient to report just impressions and clicks — or any other online only actions. Marketers […]

Placed Raises $10M Series B Round, Adds New Partners Including Pandora

Tweet This morning Placed announced that it had raised $10 million in a series B round led by Two Sigma Ventures. The company says that it now works with “over half of the top 25 mobile ad networks and publishers in the US, and a significant portion of the Advertising Age 100.” Placed also says that it […]