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Craigslist: Steadfast or Complacent and How Much Longer Can It Last?

Tweet You don’t hear much about Craiglist these days. It seems to be on a kind of autopilot, an internet 1.0 company that keeps chugging — or coasting — along. If I’m not mistaken the UX hasn’t changed meaningfully in a decade — the UI is the brand — and there’s no official mobile app. […]

Hyper-Local Classifieds Publisher PennySaver Abruptly Folds After 53 Years

Tweet Direct mail classifieds directory PennySaver — the original hyperlocal ad platform — has abruptly gone out of business, apparently because it couldn’t secure further financing. All of its roughly 700 employees were laid off and its doors shuttered. Distributed in California and Florida, it was founded in 1962 and later, for most of its […]

Tomorrow’s Webinar: The Future of SMB Digital Ad Sales

Tweet Late last year the LSA published a white paper I wrote with Neal Polachek on the future of local digital media sales. It doesn’t offer a definitive list of solutions but clearly lays out the challenges, questions and issues facing traditional media publishers and digital-only channels. Tomorrow at 2pm Eastern 11 Pacific, Neal Polachek, Kerry Baldwin […]

Survey: Print Circulars Dominate Other Media in Cyber-Weekend Deal Seeking

Tweet There were lots of media channels used by retailers to promote their Cyber-Weekend deals. And unless there were specific discount codes assigned to each channel, determining which of those “worked” is a challenge for the retailers and their agencies. Even with channel-specific codes, it wouldn’t capture the full multi-channel picture of consumer behavior. As were […]

Inside, Outside, In-Between: What’s the Future of Local Media Sales?

Tweet I’ve just completed a report with Neal Polachek on the future of local media sales: Local Media Sales 2020 — Platforms, Profits or People? Based on interviews with executives from Google, Yellowbook/Hibu, Dex Media,, Hearst, Buzzboard, ReachLocal, Yodle, newspaper sales executives and others, it looks a few years into the future and tries […]

What Are the Most Interesting, Important, Challenging Issues in Local?

Tweet I’m giving an opening presentation in a couple of weeks at the SIINDA conference in Munich. SIINDA, the search and information industry association, is the merger of the former EADP (yellow pages) and EIDQ (directory assistance) trade associations. I’ve got a number of things I could talk about but they’re all too familiar. I feel […]

Google Now Should Become a Newspaper

Tweet I have become a heavy Google Now user. But I want it to do more than it’s currently doing. One of the things that I think Google Now should do or become (in addition) is a “morning newspaper.” Facebook’s new Flipboard-like Paper, which won initial raves, is more or less explicitly modeled on the […]

Study: Print YP Ads Driving More Calls but Will Anyone Listen?

Tweet Since the rise of the internet and Google in particular print directory ads have lost most of their credibility. There’s evidence (from multiple sources) that print ads still “work” and drive valuable leads for local businesses. But there’s now considerable skepticism in the SMB marketplace about the value of print advertising. Against that backdrop, […]

Facebook Paper: Friends, News Don’t Mix

Tweet When it was released last week I immediately downloaded Facebook’s new app Paper. I like the app quite a bit and find it pretty engaging, with its Flipboard-like page swiping and turning. For me, however, updates from friends and actual “hard” news don’t really mix. The combination of professional content sources with the informal updates […]

Find & Save’s Multi-Platform Approach Finally Realizes the Promise of ShopLocal

Tweet A pre-mobile era effort to bring the worlds of online and local shopping together, Gannett’s ShopLocal was ahead of its time. But now, with the recent launch of its iPad and smartphone apps, startup Find & Save has largely realized the earlier promise of ShopLocal. Find & Save is in many ways the successor […]