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EveryScape Launches Austin

Tweet EveryScape has introduced another city: Austin, Texas: EveryScape makes money when businesses buy “interior” imagery. It’s a great site but the model makes making money from local businesses tough slogging. Hotels and selected other businesses will recognize the importance of signing up for these images but most local businesses will need to be “sold” […]

Lively and Local Targeting

Tweet As you know by now, Google launched its own virtual world Lively today: avatars, customized rooms, 3D chats, etc. Here’s my write up on SEL: Beyond comparing the now proliferating virtual worlds on features, it’s worth asking why Google is doing this. As I said in the beginning, this effort is quite far removed […]

3D Is the Future of Travel Planning

Tweet Disney World in Orlando is now available in 3D in Google Earth. Here’s how you can get access to it. This is the future of online travel planning pure and simple: much more visually rich information about a place presented to the end user to explore. And think about this on the “big screen” […]

MSFT Upgrades Live Maps, Yahoo Adds Images

Tweet Over at SEL, I post briefly about feature and functionality upgrades at Microsoft Live Maps. Many of the changes are technical but there’s also more high resolution 3D imagery coming as well as much more user-generated content. In particular you can view all Google My Maps content in Live Search Maps. The full value […]

EveryScape Adds New Cites

Tweet The company today announced that it had added San Francisco, CA, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA. Here’s an example from San Francisco, The Sir Francis Drake Hotel: Outside: Inside: That brings to 15 the number of cities (in the US and abroad) that are EveryScaped. Obviously this visual information is very useful in investigating […]

Everyscape Launches 'HarvardSquare'

Tweet Everyscape has released “Harvard Square,” which showcases businesses and landmarks in the area. This stuff is definitely cool and engaging for users: But selling ads to local businesses is tough slogging. I haven’t caught up with the company in some time and I’d be curious to know how it’s going. Merchant associations, malls and […]

Some Thoughts and Predictions for 2008

Tweet Here are some quick, stream of consciousness predictions for the coming year, not in any order of significance or priority: More online video (content and ads): The “video is everywhere” trend will continue and local sites will increasingly feature video. The yellow pages publishers will have great success selling video to SMBs and it […]

Another Place the Subscription Model Lives

Tweet In my post the other day, The Vanishing Subscription Model, I totally omitted one segment (beyond dating) that is successfully employing subscriptions: kids’ virtual worlds. Sites like Disney’s Club Penguin and Webkinz are charging for content: CP directly through explicit subscription charges (though part of the site is free) and Webkinz indirectly through stuffed […]

NYT Covers 3-D Mapper EveryScape

Tweet Here’s the NY Times’ article and here’s my write-up at SEL: EveryScape has settled on a business model where it charges retailers and local businesses an annual fee to include interior images on its site. The range is between $250 to $2,000, depending on the size of the interior space. While the model makes […]

EveryScape Launches with Four US Cities

Tweet Three dimensional mapping company Everyscape has been busy building its product out for the last several months. This morning it finally launched with four US cities to show for its effort: Aspen, CO, New York, Miami, FL and Boston. And while Google and Microsoft have been battling it out in public and the press […]