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Leaving the PC Behind: VR, Wearables and the ‘Internet of Things’

Tweet I haven’t been writing a lot lately because I’ve been so busy and traveling. And some of what I’ve seen has got my head spinning — literally. At a private VC-sponsored event in Cincinnati this week, inspired by┬áthe forthcoming Place Conference (The Omnichannel Marketing Conference), I got an opportunity to wear the Oculus Rift […]

Meet ‘Nokia Earth’ (Courtesy of C3)

Tweet I became aware of Nokia’s relatively new “Earth” and 3D mapping from a representative of Swedish company C3, which is behind the capabilities. I also saw an Pad/tablet version demo’d at EADP (impressive). C3 is also behind Yell’s 3D mapping: Here are a couple of screens of the Nokia Maps version (there’s a plug-in […]

How Important Are Sexy Maps in Local?

Tweet First there was Google with Street View, then Bing added Street Side and Map Apps. Everyscape is providing interior photography on maps, and will be launching with many partners soon (including YP). In Europe interior photography is becoming more common on directory sites. Recently in the UK Yell dramatically upgraded its site and mapping […]

Google Building Maker Simplifies 3D

Tweet Google is accelerating “crowdsourcing” on Maps. The latest expression of this trend is Building Maker, announced yesterday. It simplifies the process of 3D rendering dramatically, in an effort to get ordinary people online involved in building up Google’s 3D warehouse of images. There the best version of a building with multiple renderings is chosen […]

Bringing Real-Time Images to Google Earth/Maps

Tweet From FastCompany/Gizmodo: Here’s is an experimental approach to adding real-time information (“dynamic visualization”) to Google Earth. Watch the video; it shows traffic, sporting events and even individual movements based on the placement of cameras in and around the represented areas: [youtube=] This isn’t the only effort to marry video and Google Earth. On one […]

StreetView Now Offers 'AR' on the PC Browser

Tweet I just wrote about augmented reality in the new Yelp iPhone app (or update rather) and augmented reality in general. I was about to write about Google putting business info windows onto StreetView and it occurred to me that this is the same kind of thing — a kind of “augmented reality” for the […]

Canpages Continues to Build Its 'Street View'

Tweet Canpages is continuing to build out its street-level photography offering for the Canadian market. Last week the site acquired social directory publisher GigPark. According to the release issued the next city for Canpages’ “Street Scene” photography will be Montreal: Street Scene provides 360-degree street-level views of the city for people searching for local business […]

Photosynth Integrating into Virtual Earth

Tweet Photosyth is a great product and under-appreciated I believe. Less well recognized than the integration of images and user photos into Google Maps, Microsoft has offered Photosynth collections/synths in Live Search Maps for some time. However the company is now integrating Photosyth more fully into the Virtual Earth platform (B2B): Microsoft Corp. today announced […]

Another Prediction: Internet on TV

Tweet It’s already there — here and there that is. The Internet is not yet mainstream on TV but it will be by 2010. AT&T is pushing a limited Internet through U-Verse; the Xbox allows chatting with others “online,” while the Wii has a Web browser from Opera. You can also get partial Internet from […]

Ancient Rome in Google Earth

Tweet From the “this is cool” file: Google Earth has now incorporated 3D images of ancient Rome, created in conjunction with the University of Virginia’s “Rome Reborn” project. Here’s a video that shows some of the details (note the voice over and dramatic music in the background): [youtube=]