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More Local Traffic Deals

Tweet Here are two distribution deals, which are similar: LiveDeal signed a deal to have Yahoo! ads appear on its pages. This is similar to a deal Marchex has done. Superpages renewed and expanded its deal with, in which:’s performance-based advertisers will continue to receive preferred placement on the website. Performance-based advertising […]

Web a Primary Source of News for Half

Tweet TechCrunch alerted me to this Zogby poll of roughly 2,000 US adults, which I had missed. Here’s what it says: 48% of respondents said their primary source of news and information is the Internet, an increase from 40% who said the same a year ago. Younger adults were most likely to name the Internet […]

The YPA Joins the Conversation

Tweet The Yellow Pages Association is now part of the local search conversation over at Search Engine Land as a new contributor to the “Locals Only” column. Today’s first column is called “Welcome to the Local Search Jungle.” Many online professionals are critical and skeptical of yellow pages and their outlook. And I have certainly […]

Microsoft Takes 'Local' Targeting into Stores

Tweet I can imagine two possible consumer reactions to MediaCart, a smart shopping cart that offers video displays, personalized services and targeted advertising to shoppers in retail stores: amazement or horror. Microsoft has teamed up with MediaCart to offer in-store ad targeting that is both behavioral and takes the concept of “location-based services” to the […]

What Aren't Local Ads Coming Online?

Tweet Microsoft’s Eric Picard has a thoughtful column at ClickZ about how predictions of the death of traditional (local) media are premature: [Analysts] seem to believe that all traditional media budgets will get eaten by digital media in the next few years. This doesn’t seem like a bad assumption. It sounds logical, after all. But […]

Will Print YP Suffer in Recessionary '08?

Tweet The Kelsey Group has always been a staunch defender of the print yellow pages industry, its efficacy as an ad medium and its outlook. But, interestingly, the firm is now saying (via MediaPost) that the trend toward online will accelerate – at the expense of print. What’s interesting is not that Kelsey is saying […]

Edgeio Shutting Down

Tweet According to TechCrunch, classifieds site Edgeio is shutting down after having run out of money. The site was targeting a global audience but was fundamentally local. Edgeio competitor Oodle recently redesigned and appears to be doing well. And the classifieds category continues to gain traffic. Edgeio becomes the latest local site to shut its […]

Battle of the SMB Profiles

Tweet Do SMBs really want websites or just need rich landing or profile pages — or both? I suppose it depends entirely on the business, their maturity or sophistication and their position in the market. I was struck yesterday by two related announcements, one involving the Universal Business Listing initiative and one involving the Hostway […]

WSJ on Online Newspaper Prospects

Tweet Here’s a longish article from the WSJ on the apparently slowing ad revenue growth at online newspapers: Last week, that lifeline began looking frayed. New York TimesCo. warned Thursday that online advertising growth this year won’t be as strong as the 30% it had projected. On the same day, Tribune Co. reported that the […]

Quick Takes on Too Many Items

Tweet In the interest of getting paid work done 🙂 I have to provide some abbreviated analysis of a number of things I’d like to write more about: Micro-local real estate site, StreetAdvisor launches. Street-level 3-D mapping from Vutool? UK online advertising spending has overtaken advertising in national newspapers per the IAB. Plus more bad […]