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Apple Maps Needs to Do a ‘Pepsi Challenge’ with Google Maps

Tweet As an iPhone owner (I also have several Android phones) I use Apple Maps a great deal. However I’ve found myself using it less over the past several months. That declining usage revolves around routing and navigation. In many ways I prefer Apple Maps to Google Maps. However I believe that Google offers more […]

Why We Should Treat Most Commercial-Intent Search Queries As ‘Local’

Tweet Google admits it doesn’t really know how many local-intent queries come through its search box. That’s because there’s often ambiguity in the string. Long ago now Google said that about 20% of its desktop searches carried a local intent. In the past couple of years, at different points, Google speakers at conferences have said […]

Apple Maps Listings Take #1 Position In iOS 9 Safari Local Search Results

Tweet Like many iPhone owners I downloaded iOS 9 yesterday, after a couple of false starts. The new OS has some nice new features but isn’t radically different. But there are some meaningful changes especially when it comes to search and local search in particular. I was on a panel yesterday at #Entrata Summit in […]

The Current State of Indoor Location & Marketing — Webinar Today with Aisle411

Tweet Since joining the LSA I haven’t been spending as much time on indoor location and marketing as I had been for the past couple of years. But there’s a great deal going on and it’s a very important issue to both the future of retail and offline attribution (for all types of digital marketing). […]

Local Search in Europe: Google Maps vs. Yelp vs. TripAdvisor (Nobody Wins)

Tweet I’m just getting back from a¬†family vacation in Italy and Amsterdam. I’m struggling a bit to get back into “work mode.” Nonetheless, I wanted to share some local search related thoughts and observations from my travel experiences, especially around TripAdvisor, Google Maps and Yelp, all of which I used very extensively — to my […]

What Does a Potential Yelp Sale Mean for Facebook, Foursquare?

Tweet It appears that Yelp is seeking to sell itself for $3.5 billion or more. The stock is way up on the news, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. There’s no certainty that a sale will happen however. To me this news communicates the frustrations and exhaustion of being a public company — as […]

Google Maps Turns 10 But What Will Mapping Look Like 10 Years from Now?

Tweet I remember when Google Maps was just a baby. Google launched Maps in 2005. It wasn’t the first digital mapping product by any means. But with its then-novel ability to drag the map without reloading, it quickly came to define dynamic mapping and continues to be the dominant mapping property today. (Re/Code has a […]

Google Now Becomes “Platform,” Incorporates Third Party Content, Apps

Tweet Yesterday Google announced Q4 and full year 2014 results. The company made a boatload of money ($18 billion) but still fell short of Wall Street expectations. That resulted in a short-lived stock drop, which recovered as people realized things “weren’t as bad as feared,” to quote one analyst. Google continues to struggle in mobile […]

Has Y! Just Given Up on Local/Mobile Search?

Tweet Yahoo released Q1 earnings yesterday (so did Apple of course). As as been pointed out, the company’s core business is basically flat. Partly this is a result of more intense display ad competition (Google, Facebook, etc.), more overall display impression “liquidity” (supply) and the pre-Mayerian outsourcing of PC search to Bing. Pressured by institutional […]

Google Renames Review Program: ‘City Experts’ Is Now ‘Local Guides’

Tweet Google has renamed its City Experts local reviews program. It’s now called “Local Guides.” To be a part of the program you have to apply (or be currently enrolled), be at least 18 and have a valid Google+ account. Google appears to have gotten rid of the rigid “at least 5 reviews a month” […]