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Survey: 70% Want to Control Who Sees Their Digital Location

Tweet New online privacy and security survey data out from Pew today are pretty striking. I’ve written up the survey in some detail over at Marketing Land. Here are a few noteworthy data points: 86% of US internet users “have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints” 59% believe it’s not possible […]

Large Majority of Consumers Want Do Not Track Default

Tweet A Microsoft-funded group called Consumer Action has released new survey findings (n= 1,000 US adults) that show consumers do not want to be tracked or have their data collected by online marketers — even if it’s a condition of receiving more relevant advertising. This “do not track” finding comes despite the belief among an […]

In Europe Google’s Local Results Will Look Mostly the Same

Tweet You may or may not have been following the Google antitrust investigation in Europe. I’ve been writing quite about it over at Search Engine Land. As you may recall the FTC declined to pursue the “search bias” claim in its antitrust settlement with Google. By comparison the Europeans have expressed concern about Google’s “diversion […]

City of Seattle to Pay YP Publishers $500K to Settle ‘Opt-Out’ Litigation

Tweet The City of Seattle won’t appeal a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in favor of the Local Search Association and yellow pages publishers that held Seattle’s opt-out ordinance (and recycling fee) for print directories violated publishers’ First Amendment rights. Seattle could have appealed to the US Supreme Court, though wouldn’t have been guaranteed […]

Avvo Launches Legal Lead-Gen Marketplace

Tweet It works for contractors and mortgages, why not for lawyers? Legal directory site Avvo has launched an RFP/lead-gen marketplace for attorneys. Finding a lawyer today is a matter of traversing the usual sources: word of mouth, yellow pages (print + online), Google and Yelp. Avvo aims to bring more structure and convenience to the process and […]

Yellow Pages Beat Seattle City Ordinance on First Amendment Grounds

Tweet Recall that Seattle passed a municipal ordinance in 2010 that established an “opt-out” list for print yellow pages, as part of an effort toward “solid waste” reduction in the city. There were various fees and penalties imposed on directory publishers for non-compliance. Yellow pages was the only industry targeted by the ordinance. Publishers sued (except […]

Google Buys 7 ‘SoLoMo’ Patents from deCarta

Tweet Last year I had a relatively close look at a number of patents owned by mapping provider deCarta. I provided some perspective on location and mobility and the broader marketplace. The patents (see below) were about location on mobile devices and some also had “social” aspects and implications (i.e., locating mobile users in proximity […]

Groupon Pays $8.5 Million to Settle Class Action re Voucher Expirations

Tweet This may be old news but I was unaware of a resolution to the class action against Groupon regarding expiration of vouchers. Apparently the lawsuit settled in March with Groupon agreeing to, among other things, make “all expiration dates shown on the Voucher will be clear and conspicuous.” According to the website set up […]

Local Corp. Granted Apparently Broad Patent re Indexing Geocoded Sites

Tweet Local Corp. says it was granted another local patent. Originally filed in 2007, here’s how the press release describes the patent (8,176,082): Issued on May 8, 2012, the patent describes a geographical web search system that retrieves an initial webpage with a link to a related second webpage. Geographical or local information from the […]

Here’s the Real Issue with Online Privacy

Tweet Earlier today I wrote about the Obama Administration’s new Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. The idea is to create a “code of conduct” that all the major internet ad networks can agree to, but which offers greater transparency and control to consumers. There’s also the notion of a “do not track” button that will […]