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Free Webinar: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Beacons

Tweet There’s a great deal of buzz (and misinformation) surrounding iBeacons and their Bluetooth siblings (all based on Bluetooth 4.0 or “Bluetooth Smart”). So I and my colleagues at Opus Research are doing an all beacon webinar on April 30: “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Beacons.” It will feature me and Steve Hegenderfer, […]

Urban Airship: Our Notifications Segmented, Automated and Micro-Targeted

Tweet Urban Airship is probably the best known of a number of companies that provide in-app notifications capabilities. The company has sought to differentiate by offering the widest range of capabilities and the most advanced tools to developers and marketers. In Barcelona earlier today the company announced¬†the next generation of its product, which offers an […]

Webcast: Indoor Location – Early Case Studies and Lessons Learned

Tweet This week there’s a lot of mobile hardware news and other announcements coming out of Barcelona. Some of those will be interesting and impactful, most will not. Yet one of the most compelling developments in mobile is unlikely to get much if any attention there: indoor location and proximity based marketing. That’s why you […]

Battle of the Local-Mobile Ad Networks

Tweet Location-based mobile ad network xAd put out a “momentum” press release this morning. The company said that it now¬†has a $65 million “run rate.” Rival mobile network YP said last year that roughly $350 million of its revenues were attributable to mobile (not specific mobile buys generally). However xAd distinguishes itself from YP and […]

Offline Conversion Tracking Is Here, Mandatory Metric Going Forward

Tweet At Opus Research’s Place Conference we discussed that online-to-offline conversion tracking will be a mandatory metric in a couple of years. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, including xAd, Verve, JiWire, Millennial Media, PlaceIQ and Placed are all experimenting with or delivering data on store visits and offline conversions. Google is using smartphone location to […]

Euclid: Average In-Store Shopping Session 24.4 Minutes

Tweet Indoor and retail analytics company Euclid released aggregated customer data for November. The data are based on “nearly 25 million domestic shopping sessions during the month.” Euclid is one of several companies that provides offline or location-based analytics for retailers and others. Here’s a short summary of the data: Window conversions (% of nearby […]

Simple Lists a Huge Opportunity for Retailers, Mobile Marketers

Tweet JiWire released its Q3 report, which offers a range of data about mobile device usage. The focus this quarter is on CPG and grocery shopping. I won’t summarize all the findings in the report, which is available for download. I’ll just point out a few interesting things. As a foundational matter JiWire found the […]

Mozilla Wants to Build an ‘OpenStreetMap for Geolocation’

Tweet The new Mozilla Location Service is trying to do something admirable: create an open-source database of cell towers and WiFi hotspots. This is how Apple, Google and others like Skyhook Wireless locate mobile users: by triangulating off of known towers/hotspots (together with GPS). The new Mozilla project would enable any publisher or developer that […]

Local/Location = Sales

Tweet This is the formulation I should have been using all along. For literally years I’ve been explaining to journalists and others that local isn’t just about small business, it’s ultimately about transactions, where most consumer spending happens. It’s about how the internet drives offline sales. It’s about trillions vs. billions in e-commerce: orders of […]

MMA ‘Location Guide’ a Great Primer on Local-Mobile Targeting

Tweet Monica Ho of xAd and her fellow MMA Location Committee members have done a great job with their new Location Terminology Guide. However it’s really much more than an annotated glossary. It’s a discussion of the various location targeting strategies and technologies, as well as the associated business and advertising models. It’s a great […]