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Retailers Need to Step Up in-Store Game — Amazon Is Gaining

Tweet Last week on the LSA blog I wrote that Amazon Prime (Now) was emerging as a true existential threat to local retail. In addition to its Prime Now app, the company has launched The cost for two-hour delivery (where Amazon delivers) is nothing. For one-hour delivery it’s $7.99. Tipping the driver is optional […]

The Current State of Indoor Location & Marketing — Webinar Today with Aisle411

Tweet Since joining the LSA I haven’t been spending as much time on indoor location and marketing as I had been for the past couple of years. But there’s a great deal going on and it’s a very important issue to both the future of retail and offline attribution (for all types of digital marketing). […]

Hey Incumbents: While You Were Sleeping Your Business Blew Up

Tweet As a frequent conference session moderator I hate when people use the phrase (er, cliché) “early days.” Most of the time they might as well be saying, we’re complacent or we’re afraid of experimentation or we’re all just gonna ride this puppy into the sunset. Many “incumbent” local media organizations (directory publishers, newspapers) watched […]

Report: More than Half of Offline Retail Sales Now Influenced by Digital, Mobile

Tweet In 2013, I crudely and conservatively estimated that roughly $1.83 trillion in annual offline purchasing in the US was impacted by the internet. Using consumer survey data, Deloitte Digital came up with a very similar number, saying that in 2014 roughly $1.7 trillion of in-store retail purchases were influenced by digital. This year’s Deloitte survey […]

Starwood’s New Keyless Smartphone Room Entry Is Brilliant on Several Levels

Tweet Many people may have already seen video or the announcements surrounding Starwood’s new keyless, app-based room entry system. It’s a brilliant move for many reasons. Like others, Starwood has a range of hotel brands. Right now the participating hotels include most Aloft, W and Element locations. Eventually, based on guest response, I’m sure the chain will roll […]

LSA 15: How Much Has the ‘Local Market’ Really Changed?

Tweet Coming off LSA 15 last week I was struck by a paradox. The conversations we had at the conference about small businesses, digital marketing and related sales issues were similar if not essentially the same as have been taking place since 2001 in many respects. (Most of the sessions were captured on the LSA […]

Does Retailer App-Ambivalence Threaten to Slow Beacon Momentum?

Tweet Are beacons threatened by retailer app ambivalence? A new survey (n=70) from and Forrester Research, discussed in The State of Online Retailing, says that many large retailers have “quietly opted to put apps on the back burner” — and, perhaps unwittingly, beacons with them. No app, no beacons. At some point, indoor location […]

StepsAway Offers App-Free Solution for Indoor Marketing in Shopping Malls

Tweet One of the major challenges of indoor location and marketing for venue owners, malls or individual retailers is getting an app onto users’ smartphones. Retailers need to make an argument to consumers to download their apps and engage them to ensure usage. That’s because without an app there can be no notifications or other promotions — […]

It’s the Ad Creative — Stupid

Tweet Time and again at tech marketing conferences the subject of ad creative is neglected or not discussed at all. Sessions are devoted to targeting, big data, attribution and so on. But creative is rarely seriously talked about, though there is some discussion going here in New York at Ad Week. Often the people who […]

Beaconpalooza: Macy’s to Deploy iBeacons in All 4,000 Stores

Tweet Using Shopkick as its vendor Macy’s has decided to roll out iBeacons in all its 4,000 US locations. This follows a limited test of the technology 2013 and marks the largest retail beacon deployment to date. The news appeared as part of a larger release about various “omnichannel” initiatives at Macy’s. The beacon rollout […]