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Does Retailer App-Ambivalence Threaten to Slow Beacon Momentum?

Tweet Are beacons threatened by retailer app ambivalence? A new survey (n=70) from and Forrester Research, discussed in The State of Online Retailing, says that many large retailers have “quietly opted to put apps on the back burner” — and, perhaps unwittingly, beacons with them. No app, no beacons. At some point, indoor location […]

StepsAway Offers App-Free Solution for Indoor Marketing in Shopping Malls

Tweet One of the major challenges of indoor location and marketing for venue owners, malls or individual retailers is getting an app onto users’ smartphones. Retailers need to make an argument to consumers to download their apps and engage them to ensure usage. That’s because without an app there can be no notifications or other promotions — […]

It’s the Ad Creative — Stupid

Tweet Time and again at tech marketing conferences the subject of ad creative is neglected or not discussed at all. Sessions are devoted to targeting, big data, attribution and so on. But creative is rarely seriously talked about, though there is some discussion going here in New York at Ad Week. Often the people who […]

Beaconpalooza: Macy’s to Deploy iBeacons in All 4,000 Stores

Tweet Using Shopkick as its vendor Macy’s has decided to roll out iBeacons in all its 4,000 US locations. This follows a limited test of the technology 2013 and marks the largest retail beacon deployment to date. The news appeared as part of a larger release about various “omnichannel” initiatives at Macy’s. The beacon rollout […]

Google I/O: Google Extending Its Business

Tweet I’m headed into San Francisco to attend Google I/O this morning. I’ll be in the audience for the keynote where Google will likely show off or announce: New smartwatches using Android Wear A new TV entertainment/gaming system and or a new set-top box Android in the car New efforts around Nest and the connected home The […]

Top 5 Things Marketers Must Know about Location + Privacy — Free Webinar

Tweet A few weeks ago local San Francisco coffee chain Philz Coffee agreed to “stop tracking customers” following an “investigative report” from a local ABC TV affiliate. The station trumpeted the move as though it had uncovered some secret government conspiracy or major corporate corruption. The owner, Jacob Jaber, tried to explain to ABC that the Euclid system “is not shared […]

Retailers, Indoor Location and the Risk of ‘Tight Geofencing’

Tweet There’s a debate about just how real “showrooming” is today. For example, UK-based affiliate network Tradedoubler published European consumer survey data that makes the threat of showrooming look pretty dire for retailers: 22% of in store smartphone users decide to buy online instead 20% changed their minds about buying “at all” 20% bought elsewhere (another physical store) 19% […]

Free Webinar: Everything You Wanted to Know about (i)Beacons

Tweet Beacons are extremely hot right now. But what are they exactly? How do they operate? And what are their limitations? I just wrote “A Marketer’s Guide to iBeacons.” It’s a good primer on what Bluetooth Beacons can and cannot do for retailers and marketers in stores, at the point of sale. (Hint: they do a […]

Free Webinar: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Beacons

Tweet There’s a great deal of buzz (and misinformation) surrounding iBeacons and their Bluetooth siblings (all based on Bluetooth 4.0 or “Bluetooth Smart”). So I and my colleagues at Opus Research are doing an all beacon webinar on April 30: “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Beacons.” It will feature me and Steve Hegenderfer, […]

Urban Airship: Our Notifications Segmented, Automated and Micro-Targeted

Tweet Urban Airship is probably the best known of a number of companies that provide in-app notifications capabilities. The company has sought to differentiate by offering the widest range of capabilities and the most advanced tools to developers and marketers. In Barcelona earlier today the company announced the next generation of its product, which offers an […]