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Fast-Casual Restaurants Put Self-Service Tablets on the Menu

Tweet Many of you undoubtedly saw the announcement this past week that Applebee’s is following similar “fast-casual” restaurant chain Chili’s and putting tablets on tables in all its restaurants. Applebee’s also owns the IHOP chain. The tablets and software are from startup E la Carte. Between the two (possibly three) chains thousands of restaurants and […]

Apple’s Free Software May Rock Market

Tweet The new iPads are great; I saw them yesterday. And while they’re more expensive than the Kindle or Google’s Nexus 7 they’re better devices and now much improved over previous versions. Apple should sell quite a number of them in developed markets in the fourth quarter. (Developing markets may be a different story.) The […]

Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Hazards of Digital Advertising

Tweet An early example of the hazards of AdSense or other automated contextual advertising was the often-discussed ad for Samsonite luggage beside an online newspaper article about a murder in which body parts were found in a suitcase. I suspect that was never an actual ad-article juxtaposition. Rather it was a extreme example of the danger […]

Survey Predicted Big iPhone 5s Demand

Tweet A survey I conducted via Opus Research several days ago correctly predicted the big demand (and eventual sellout) for the iPhone 5s. Around the world today shipping dates have been pushed back for all 5s models, but especially the gold color. The online survey asked 1,508 US adults “Which of the following [handsets] would […]

Demand for iPhone 5C Strong in HK, UK

Tweet Pre-orders on the iPhone 5C began yesterday. In the US market the September 20 ship dates haven’t “slipped.” But elsewhere demand appears to be heavy. In the UK demand is apparently “huge”: Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer at Phones 4u has described demand for the new phones to be ‘phenomenal’ and easily outstrips that for the Apple iPhone […]

Will Apple Build a Phablet or a Pad-Phone?

Tweet The word “phablet” makes me cringe. It would probably make the ghost of Steve Jobs cringe too. But if we’re going to call these too-big-to-be-a-phone-but-not-quite-a-tablet devices anything I propose we use the term “padphone.” Asus has a “padfone” (TM) from which I draw the suggestion. Not great, but padphone is still better than phablet. […]

Google Glass Gets ‘Sarah Palinized’ on SNL

Tweet I watched this past weekend’s Zach Galifianakis-hosted episode of SNL on Hulu, Sunday. Many people have already commented upon the Weekend Update bit that parodies Google Glass. In the event you haven’t seen it, the skit’s below. It’s pretty funny. It immediately made me think about Sarah Palin and how being parodied by SNL partly helped do her in […]

Google Glass Anticipated, Parodied Years Before Its Creation

Tweet Back in 2009 there was a funny parody video satirizing Twitter in its early days (below). Within the video (at 2:18) is a depiction of eyeglasses connected to a mobile network that allows people to read posts without being detected by others. It’s portrayed in the video as a ridiculous thing. Now it exists. […]

Ahead of Launch Facebook Advertises Home — on Facebook

Tweet I read over the weekend that Facebook was starting a marketing push for Home ahead of this week’s April 12 launch of the HTC First and Home app download. This morning I saw my first ad for Home — on Facebook. This particular ad lands on the AT&T page promoting the HTC First. Have […]

Amazon Trying to Push Me to Kindle Fire

Tweet Over the course of the weekend I conducted a bunch of searches on Amazon for the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini. I was checking the range of prices and options available. I have considerable Amazon credit and was thinking about getting another tablet. I didn’t wind up buying one. I decided that was too […]