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Groupon Q4 Disappoints Some, but Take a Look at Mobile

Tweet In today’s earnings announcement, Groupon missed or met (depending) analysts revenue expectations. There was also an unexpected EPS loss of $0.12. Below is the consolidated financial statement. For the full year the company made revenue of $2.33 billion (vs. $1.61 billion in 2011) against billings of $5.38 billion. There were many positive metrics beyond the top-line […]

Report: LivingSocial ‘Days from Chapter 11’

Tweet Earlier today it was reported that LivingSocial secured another $110 million from existing investors. This was presented as a “vote of confidence” that would allow the company to reach profitability in the next quarter (or so). Here’s how the article read: LivingSocial Inc. has raised $110 million from a group of existing investors that […]

What Do LivingSocial and Groupon’s Woes Tell Us about Consumer Interest in Deals?

Tweet The short answer is almost nothing. Many journalists have argued that consumers have soured on “deals” in the wake of the well-publicized struggles at Groupon and LivingSocial, which just laid off 10% of its workforce. But it’s not true. Consumers love deals. Deals are evergreen; just look at last weekend with Black Friday and […]

Groupon Misses Q3, Stock Now $3.32

Tweet A little while ago Groupon announced Q3 earnings and missed analyst expectations. The stock is down in after hours trading and, remarkably, down more than 80% below its IPO price (a year ago). Here are the top-line Groupon numbers: Revenue: increased 32% year-over-year to $568.6 million in the third quarter 2012, compared with $430.2 […]

LON Introduces Quality Scoring, Personalization to Deal Network

Tweet There have been moves recently by companies in the deals segment to evolve the model beyond the original “daily deals” concept, which was push-email based or involved simple deal syndication. For example, a couple of weeks ago, NimbleCommerce launched a new deal-based ad network. And yesterday Local Offer Network (LON) introduced deal scoring and […]

Nimble Lauches Deal-Based Ad Network

Tweet Deal platform provider NimbleCommerce has launched “the NimbleNetwork,” essentially an ad network for deals. Signpost, Tippr and Local Offer Network, among others, have created networks of various sorts. However Nimble SVP Kevn Wray believes this is the first true, “bi-directional” network that isn’t simply backfill. Wray told me that local publishers and sales channels […]

Groupon Officially Launches Payments Platform

Tweet As part of its bid to diversify its revenues and become the “local commerce operating system” for SMBs, Groupon launched a payments trial in the SF Bay Area in May. Today that business, Groupon Payments, is formally launching across the US. In addition to Square, Groupon Payments will face off against LevelUp, PayPal, GoPayment, […]

Daily Deals Are Dead, Long Live Coupons and Discounts

Tweet A series of recent articles all but proclaim the end of the daily deals market. As a representative example, the following appeared in the NY Times over the weekend: Merchants and Shoppers Sour on Daily Deal Sites. It’s a catalog of discontent with daily deals. The industry took off and grew so quickly that […]

Report: Groupon Sales Force Under Increasing Strain

Tweet Groupon has three major assets: scale, its brand and its sales force. At one point nearly 50% of Groupon’s headcount were salespeople, now it’s about 45%. The morale and longevity of salespeople are critical success factors for the company. A report yesterday in the Wall Street Journal highlights intensifying pressure and discontent among Groupon’s […]

Groupon (Re)Launches Testimonial Heavy Merchant Site ‘GrouponWorks’

Tweet Groupon has relaunched its merchant-facing website, GrouponWorks. The site now features a large number of testimonials and video case studies with happy merchants — addressing explicitly and by implication all the complaints about daily deals. There are a number of other educational resources on the site as well. Groupon is also showcasing its products […]