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Will Google’s New ‘App Streaming’ Kill App Downloads?

Tweet Complaining that the world of apps was not enough like the web, Google, Facebook and others sought to enable deep linking within apps. Apple has recently joined the party as well. In one way this makes great sense. Deep linking and app indexing allow users to access and discover content within apps or go […]

Google Now Becomes “Platform,” Incorporates Third Party Content, Apps

Tweet Yesterday Google announced Q4 and full year 2014 results. The company made a boatload of money ($18 billion) but still fell short of Wall Street expectations. That resulted in a short-lived stock drop, which recovered as people realized things “weren’t as bad as feared,” to quote one analyst. Google continues to struggle in mobile […]

Search: The New Branding Medium

Tweet For years people argued that search was in fact a “branding medium.” Companies whose links appeared at the top of search results saw a lift in brand metrics. There was also a “branding effect” from associating companies with particular keywords. However most digital agencies and a large majority of marketers continued to regard paid […]

How Do You Feel about Branded Images in Google Search Ads?

Tweet There’s been considerable reaction in the search world to the appearance of what amount to display ads or “brand image” ads in Google search results. The NY Times Claire Miller reminded readers this morning of Marissa Mayer’s famous 2005 statement that there will be “no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search […]

Local Search Queries for July: 3.9 Billion

Tweet July US search market share data are out today. The numbers from last month are mostly unchanged. Overall query volume across the five major general search engines was just under 19.4 billion queries. Using the Google 20% formula that means roughly 3.9 billion searches on the desktop for July carried a local intent. Google […]

Will ‘Personal Assistants’ Eventually Kill ‘Search’?

Tweet The short answer is “probably not.” A longer answer is “maybe.” Here’s a scenario: a natural-language-understanding mobile app that allows users to tap directly into content and conduct transactions (book hotels, make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets) without the need or intervention of the infamous 10 blue links. Wouldn’t that be generally preferable to […]

Dueling Local Carousel CTR Studies: 48% vs. 30% vs. 10%

Tweet Mike Ramsey published a study (n=83) performed by search marketer Matthew Hunt on the effect of Google’s new Local Carousel on clicks and user attention. The study found that 48% of clicks were on the Carousel results. At the bottom of his post Mike cites another study (n=102) from Ethical SEO Consulting where 30% of […]

Google’s ‘Local Carousel’ Comes to PC with Mixed Results

Tweet It has been on tablets for six months. But now the “local carousel” has come to PC search results. According to the official announcement, “When you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places on your desktop, you’ll see an interactive ‘carousel’ of local results at the top of the page.” Right now it’s […]

ComScore: 4 Billion Local Searches in May

Tweet Comscore released its search market share data today. The relationships among the top engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) are mostly the same as the previous month. Year over year Yahoo is down, Bing is up and Google is basically flat. The following chart shows US search query volume data for May: Out of 20 billion […]

The New Yahoo Search: Will You Use It?

Tweet This morning Yahoo rolled out a new search UI. CEO Marissa Mayer was in charge of the Google homepage and search UI for years. Results are new easier to read and less “compressed.” The page overall feels “lighter.” Yahoo has also moved search results higher up on the page. And the page is faster […]