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Is Small Business Saturday For Real or Just a Feel-Good Symbol?

Tweet Situated awkwardly between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the more recent shopping day devoted to SMBs: Small Business Saturday. I’ve been skeptical for some time about whether Small Business Saturday is a real thing and whether it actually helps deliver additional revenue beyond what consumers would already be spending. Started in 2010 by American Express (as […]

Google Promotes Yelp, Facebook, Twitter in New Videos Aimed at SMBs

Tweet On Monday Google posted a series of six videos aimed at helping SMBs get online and improve their digital marketing capabilities. Together they represent about 30 minutes of viewing time. Narrated by Google’s Maile Ohye. They’re mostly basic and pretty accessible: Video #1: Introduction and hot topics (3:22) Video #2: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal (4:08) […]

It’s the Ad Creative — Stupid

Tweet Time and again at tech marketing conferences the subject of ad creative is neglected or not discussed at all. Sessions are devoted to targeting, big data, attribution and so on. But creative is rarely seriously talked about, though there is some discussion going here in New York at Ad Week. Often the people who […]

More than Half of Top 25 Google AdWords Spenders Sell Mostly Offline

Tweet AdAge published a list, based on multiple sources, of Google’s top 25 AdWords advertisers in 2013. Together they spent $1.34 billion on paid search in the US according to the analysis. There’s no breakdown of how much of this is mobile. Amazon is the single largest spender. However, what’s interesting is that roughly half or slightly […]

Demise of the Click? Store Visit Metrics Extended to Desktop Ads

Tweet I’ve been arguing for some time that the new “offline analytics” capabilities that smartphones enable would eventually make offline measurement a requirement of online (not just mobile) ad campaigns. In that direction, this morning location-analytics provider Placed and Dstillery announced a partnership “to deliver cross-channel measurement solutions for brands.” In a test of the […]

Consumers and Marketers Going Opposite Ways on ‘Native Ads’

Tweet It may sound naive but it’s not entirely clear to me why online advertising has become such a “cat and mouse” game — putting consumers and marketers in such antagonistic positions. Ads can in the best of circumstances be useful and even entertaining (see the Super Bowl). Most of the time, however, they’re neither. […]

Do People Prefer Banners to ‘Native Ads’? Survey Says ‘Yes’

Tweet So-called Native Advertising is often help up as a powerful new ad format that’s better for everyone — users, publishers and advertisers. Even the NY Times has gotten into the act. What do consumers really think of “sponsored content”? (It used to be called “advertorial”). If recent data from Contently are any indication, most users don’t […]

Survey Argues ‘Freedom’ Rather than Money the Biggest SMB Motivator

Tweet Yesterday local directory site Manta released findings from its latest “Small Business Wellness Index Survey.”* Many of the questions are about business perceptions of the economy and intended hiring. Generally the outlook was upbeat although hiring plans were restrained. More interesting to me were questions about SMB motivations and the rewards of being a business owner […]

Google Retools SMB Services with New “Google My Business” Suite

Tweet Google is addressing confusion, complexity and the grumblings of many SMBs and local SEOs with its new simpler and more integrated toolset: Google My Business. GMB supersedes Google+ Pages and Google Places and is a kind of “one stop shop” for managing listings and exposure on Google and Google+ across device platforms. I characterized […]

Location Targeting Effective in Some but Not All Verticals — Report

Tweet Neuster released its “Q1 2014 Media Intelligence Report.” I’ve written up the main findings at Marketing Land. The report is also embedded below. Essentially the report argues that social sites offer the greatest audience reach and cost efficiency vs. other channels (search wasn’t a part of the analysis). The data come from billions of ad […]