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New Report on SMB Churn You’re Probably Not Going to Agree With

Tweet I’ve written a new report about SMB advertiser churn, using Vendasta data. The report is called SMB Advertiser Churn: New Data for an Old Industry Problem. It’s free. The report doesn’t cover PPC/SEM. However it uses data from more than 275,000 SMB accounts across Vendasta’s partner base, which include directory publishers, TV providers, newspapers, […]

Many Digital Marketers Seem Just As Confused, Overwhelmed As SMBs

Tweet From behind a two-way mirror this evening I observed a 90 minute focus group. It consisted of representatives of digital agencies — mostly larger agencies. It was interesting to hear them discuss their digital marketing challenges and pain points. They spoke about the challenges of dealing with clients that were not sufficiently educated or […]

Survey: Consumers Prefer to Shop Local but Expect Digital Sophistication

Tweet Most consumers would generally prefer to shop and buy from local/small businesses but they also want those businesses to be digitally savvy. That’s according to a survey by Yodle of 6,000 US adults released in late June. The following are the top 10 reasons to use or stop using a local business according to the survey […]

Webinar: What Is ‘Phase 3’ of SMB Digital Marketing?

Tweet Buzzboard’s Neal Polachek and I will be collaborating on a new report tentatively called “Phase 3 of Small Business Digital Marketing.” This a kind of  follow up to the earlier sales report we developed. Arguably Phase One of SMB digital marketing lasted from the mid-to-late 90s through roughly 2005. This was a period of convincing […]

Love-Hate Relationship: 59% of SMBs Still Say No ROI from Their Social Media Efforts

Tweet In 2013 Manta released a very interesting survey of its members regarding social media attitudes and adoption. The headline I pulled from the first survey’s findings was: 61% of SMBs Say No ROI from Social Media. Now the company has done a follow up survey of 540 small business owners (also active Manta members), […]

Web Pros: GoDaddy’s Potential 3 Million Person Salesforce

Tweet I spent some time earlier this week talking to GoDaddy about the company’s forthcoming (now in beta) GoDaddy Pro product suite. It’s a set of tools and services adapted for small web design and developer shops. These folks in turn service mostly small businesses. This product line is partly built on top of GoDaddy’s […]

Super Bowl Ads: Who Won and Who Just Wasted Their Money? (Hint: Most Did)

Tweet There’s considerable evidence that the majority of Super Bowl advertising — indeed advertising in general — doesn’t do much for the involved companies and brands. Yet Super Bowl ads have become a form of entertainment. We anticipate them, discuss them, critique and rate them and watch them on YouTube, Hulu and elsewhere repeatedly. But do […]

LSA Insights: New Tool With Real Local-Media Campaign Data Across Channels

Tweet This morning The LSA formally announced a new media performance, benchmarking and planning tool: LSA Insights. This has been in development and beta testing for the past two years. It’s “mature” enough for launch but it will continue to add data and categories over time. When I joined LSA late last August I was surprised and […]

Tomorrow’s Webinar: The Future of SMB Digital Ad Sales

Tweet Late last year the LSA published a white paper I wrote with Neal Polachek on the future of local digital media sales. It doesn’t offer a definitive list of solutions but clearly lays out the challenges, questions and issues facing traditional media publishers and digital-only channels. Tomorrow at 2pm Eastern 11 Pacific, Neal Polachek, Kerry Baldwin […]

Two Major ‘Local Metatrends’ of 2014

Tweet There have been a lot of year-end roundups and predictions posts over the past two weeks. I participated in a couple of those for ReachLocal and StreetFight. I specifically declined to do that here. Now however I want to offer an abbreviated year in review post. Looking forward to 2015, there are lots of interesting things happening […]