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Borrell: 4 of 5 SMBs Plan Mobile Marketing This Year

Tweet Borrell Associates has released a new report called “Main Street Goes Mobile.” The report is largely devoted to a detailed mobile advertising/marketing forecast. However the most interesting part of the document from my point of view is the data and discussion of SMB mobile marketing plans. This portion of the report is based on […]

More Local Auto Dollars Going Online than to Other Media — Report

Tweet Borrell Associates is out with a new automotive advertising outlook report. The headline is: auto dealers are spending more money on interactive than in any other advertising medium. According to Borrell: Dealers have fallen so much in love with interactive media that they’re earmarking 32 percent of their ad budgets for it — more […]

Closer Look at Local Revenue Numbers

Tweet Earlier this week BIA/Kelsey put out a revised local search forecast. It’s only about PC-based local-search ad revenues and argues they will climb to $8 billion in 2015. Definitions are a big problem in the local space and not having seen the report it’s not clear what’s contained within the definition of “local search.” […]

Google’s ‘Click-to-Call’ Realizes Early Promise of ‘PPCall’

Tweet I spoke to Google yesterday at some length on the one-year anniversary of the introduction of Click to Call. I’ve written up that discussion over at Search Engine Land. Google is having tremendous success with this program. Google told me some things off the record that were quite impressive. Click to Call is a […]

Symbolic Moment: Online Trumps Newspapers

Tweet Emarketer published data estimating that online advertising would overtake newspapers in the US for the first time: Here are the NAA’s numbers (combined print and online ad revenues) through last year: 2003: $46,156 2004: $48,244 2005: $49,435 2006: $49,275 2007: $45,375 2008: $37,848 2009: $27,564 2010: $25,700  (eMarketer estimate) Newspapers, which of course have […]

CBS: Local Online Ad Spending $14.9B in 2010

Tweet I moderated what I think was a really interesting session yesterday at the terrific Borrell Local-Mobile show in Dallas featuring Jim Buckley of ValPak, Adam Wiener of CBS Local and Matt Jones of Gannett. We talked about a broad range of subjects and how these traditional media organizations were treating digital and mobile in […]

Borrell: $16B for Local in 2011

Tweet Borrell & Associates have put out a new local forecast. The numbers are big and here are some of them: We’re expecting total online ad spending to grow almost 14 percent, from $45.6 billion, in 2010, to $51.9 billion, in 2011. The fastest-growing segments of online advertising are the local sector, anything targeted, and […]

Is a Newspaper Turnaround Afoot?

Tweet There were a number of separate items about newspapers from the past few days. First, on the bad news front, comes a kind of early eulogy for print newspapers in Philadelphia, the first “big city” in the US that may not have a daily (stay tuned). On a more upbeat note, the Seattle Times […]

Borrell Offers New Figures for Local Sites

Tweet Borrell Associates has always been the most bullish among the firms forecasting and tracking local ad revenues. Their firm’s new report on what “local websites earn” is out. Here’s the chart breaking down what Borrell says is a $12.6 billion local online ad market: Source: Borrell Associates If we take just the directory and […]

Another Negative Local Media Forecast

Tweet BIA/Kelsey released a new comprehensive local advertising forecast, seeking to compete with the VSS’s and other financial forecasters of the world. Here are the high-level bits from the release: BIA/Kelsey forecasts U.S. local advertising revenues to decline from $155.3 billion in 2008 to $144.4 billion in 2013, representing a negative 1.4 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Only the […]