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Websites, Email Most Important to SMBs

Tweet Infogroup last week released the results of a “nationally representative survey” of SMBs (sample size not disclosed). It was conducted in late August-early September. I dispute the notion of a nationally representative SMB survey as a basic matter. However . . . The survey was mostly about SMB outlook in the context of a […]

GrouponLive for Events, Tix Deals

Tweet Groupon and events promoter Live Nation are joining forces to distribute events promotions through Groupon: GrouponLive will serve as a local resource for Live Nation events and clients of its global ticketing business, Ticketmaster. The site will be a groundbreaking resource for consumers to find high-value tickets to concerts, sports, theater, arts and other […]

Google Offers Starting to Roll Out

Tweet This came to me in my email: Hi Greg, Thanks for subscribing to Google Offers BETA – Oakland / East Bay! We’re excited that you’ve joined us as we partner with some of the best local businesses in your area to bring you great deals at 50% off or more. Once Google Offers is […]

GMail Display Likely to Be Effective

Tweet I won’t keep doing this . . . but here’s another display ad in Gmail. This is email marketing from United, suggesting that I redeem frequent flier miles for coupons. To the right is a LivingSocial ad with food-related ad creative. This ad is actually pretty effective and distracts or pulls me away […]

Wow: Display Ads in Gmail

Tweet Maybe this is old news but for the first time this morning I noticed a display ad in my Gmail ad sidebar: It’s completely annoying, though I suppose effective in getting noticed. Gmail has been superior to Yahoo mail for me because, among other reasons, Yahoo serves obnoxious display ads in mail. Now it […]

Google-Groupon Deal Rumors Heating Up

Tweet Good morning. It’s “Cyber Monday” and the Google-is-buying-Groupon rumors are circulating again. In fact there is a rumor that Google has already agreed to acquire the daily deals purveyor. The general rumor of Google’s interest in the group buying leader been going for at least couple of weeks now. It follows similar rumors about […]

Take the ‘No Email Challenge’

Tweet We’re addicted to email and the Internet. Who doubts it? As one form of proof, this survey about Americans’ compulsive email checking came out from Xobni and Harris: The survey shows that the majority of employed American adults (59 percent) check work emails during traditional family holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  Of these, […]

AOL’s Phoenix Won’t Help AOL Mail Rise from Ashes

Tweet AOL email addresses raise question marks often: why does this person “still” have an AOL address? Are they technology challenged? Have they been in a cave for several years? The AOL brand is struggling to right itself after years of near irrelevance. Now comes AOL Mail’s Project Phoenix, so named because AOL Mail needs to […]

Facebook Messages Is an Email Alternative

Tweet Facebook has introduced email but email seems to be only a sideshow with Facebook Messages. Messages seeks to create a kind of unified hub for all online and mobile communications (“conversations”). And I do think it will become popular and widely used. It’s simple to understand and its value is pretty clear. After taking […]

Waiting for FMail

Tweet The heavy and informed speculation is that email is coming later this morning from Facebook. Much will ride on how “good” it is and how cleverly it incorporates your network without giving you the creeps. Email addresses are like mobile phone numbers: there are heavy switching costs. I suspect that there will be an […]