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Cyber Monday’s $2 Billion in Perspective

Tweet ComScore is out with data trumpeting the single biggest day in US e-commerce history. This year, according to the measurement firm, Cyber Monday sales were just over $2 billion — a new single day record. There are conflicting numbers from various sources about whether there was positive or negative growth this year for the big holiday weekend. […]

Right Time and Place for Curbside

Tweet Curbside a new mobile shopping app has formally launched with almost $10 million in funding. Jaron Waldman is CEO. He was the head of the “Geo Team” at Apple following the acquisition of his mapping startup Placebase. Simply put, Curbside taps into the “buy online, pick up in-store” infrastructure of major retailers such as […]

ReachLocal Co-Founders Back in SERVIZ with New Marketplace

Tweet ReachLocal co-founders Zorik Gordon and Michael Kline have formally launched SERVIZ. The successor to ReachLocal’s ClubLocal, which was spun out when the two left the company, they call SERVIZ “an on-demand home services company.” I might use the more descriptive term “end-to-end marketplace.” Regardless of the precise terminology, SERVIZ joins a segment of companies […]

YP Dives Deeper into Transactions with GrubHub Food Delivery Deal

Tweet YP has gotten more deeply into transactions with the addition of food-ordering and delivery service GrubHub. The new capability will be available on YP.com and the YP mobile app. It complements hotel and restaurant booking already enabled in the YP app, and it’s another third party relationship intended to enhance the content and functionality […]

More than Half of Top 25 Google AdWords Spenders Sell Mostly Offline

Tweet AdAge published a list, based on multiple sources, of Google’s top 25 AdWords advertisers in 2013. Together they spent $1.34 billion on paid search in the US according to the analysis. There’s no breakdown of how much of this is mobile. Amazon is the single largest spender. However, what’s interesting is that roughly half or slightly […]

Will Square ‘Inevitably’ Creep into SMB Marketing Services?

Tweet One of the several co-sponsors of yesterday’s Facebook Fit event was Square. I had a very interesting conversation with the company about its just-announced Caviar acquisition and its expanding product portfolio. For the time being at least Caviar seems to be just about restaurants. There’s been considerable adoption of Square Stand (Register) in the […]

Square Grabs Caviar for Offline Food Delivery

Tweet At first blush it’s kind of strange: Square buying Caviar (for a rumored $90MM), a premium food delivery service. But maybe not. In its press release Square said the following: With the acquisition, Square deepens its commitment to providing independent sellers with services that make it easier for them to grow their business . […]

Handicapping an Amazon Local Marketplace

Tweet Yesterday Reuters reported Amazon would be rolling out a local services marketplace “later this year.” The article speculated that could mean “anything from babysitters to handymen to birthday clowns.” Amazon has been distributing local daily deals, in partnership with LivingSocial, since 2011. Originally LivingSocial was doing all the local sales for Amazon. It’s not […]

Online-to-Offline Spending 10X Larger than E-commerce

Tweet Marketing Land exposed new data from Custora, which estimates that e-commerce grew 10% year over year in February. By comparison traditional US retail grew 1.5%. Beyond this mobile commerce grew at a higher percentage than e-commerce overall and represented nearly 20% of total e-commerce sales in February. Extrapolating from the figures provided, if Q1 […]

Will Amazon Prime Increase Drive Loyal Customers Away?

Tweet As expected Amazon announced a $20 price increase in the cost of its Amazon Prime service (from $79 to $99). It will take effect when customers are up for renewal. Based on consumer survey data, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimates that Amazon currently has 27 million Prime members. These subscribers constitute 45% of Amazon […]