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FTD’s Big Mamma’s Day #FAIL

Tweet Much of the digital marketing discussion revolves around which brand or campaign is getting this or that digital media discipline right. But there are even more fundamental issues and lessons that have to be learned and re-learned by many brands. Basic customer service is unfortunately one of them. A case-in-point: my Mother’s Day experience […]

Report: More than Half of Offline Retail Sales Now Influenced by Digital, Mobile

Tweet In 2013, I crudely and conservatively estimated that roughly $1.83 trillion in annual offline purchasing in the US was impacted by the internet. Using consumer survey data, Deloitte Digital came up with a very similar number, saying that in 2014 roughly $1.7 trillion of in-store retail purchases were influenced by digital. This year’s Deloitte survey […]

Google Making (Mobile) Search More Transactional with Buy Buttons, Booking Links

Tweet Over the weekend it came out that Google is going to start including “buy” buttons on selected mobile search ads in the relatively near future. This is part of a broader movement to “compress the funnel” and to enable mobile users to complete intended or desired actions with fewer steps. According to the rumor, buy buttons would appear […]

Beyond Booking: MyTime Is Now a Local Business Management Platform

Tweet MyTime, launched in 2013, was CEO Ethan Anderson’s follow up to RedBeacon, which was sold to HomeDepot. He took some of the same ideas on display in RedBeacon and refined and smartly expanded upon them. MyTime began as a destination local services marketplace with online booking and payments as central but subsidiary features. There […]

LSA 15: How Much Has the ‘Local Market’ Really Changed?

Tweet Coming off LSA 15 last week I was struck by a paradox. The conversations we had at the conference about small businesses, digital marketing and related sales issues were similar if not essentially the same as have been taking place since 2001 in many respects. (Most of the sessions were captured on the LSA […]

Facebook Buys TheFind: Great Potential That Could Be Wasted

Tweet In something of a surprise, last week Facebook announced it was buying shopping engine TheFind. TheFind will now shut down as its team joins Facebook. Below is the statement that was posted on TheFind’s site: For the last nine years, we’ve worked hard to bring you a shopping experience that’s easy, efficient and fun […]

Click-to-Call Ads: $4 Billion in 2014 — How Much Is Local?

Tweet Today Marchex released a report on click-to-call ads and keyword attribution. As part of the report the company estimated that, based on its understanding of the market, internal SEM data and publicly released Google call volumes, marketers spent roughly $4 billion on mobile search using call extensions on Google and Bing (mostly Google). In […]

Report: Amazon to Buy Some of Radio Shack’s Stores for Offline Retail

Tweet It appears that Radio Shack is going out of business. Sprint is reportedly buying some of its stores; but more interestingly, according to Bloomberg, Amazon is thinking about buying some of the Radio Shack outlets as well: Amazon.com Inc., aiming to bolster its brick-and-mortar operations, has discussed acquiring some RadioShack Corp. locations after the […]

Two Major ‘Local Metatrends’ of 2014

Tweet There have been a lot of year-end roundups and predictions posts over the past two weeks. I participated in a couple of those for ReachLocal and StreetFight. I specifically declined to do that here. Now however I want to offer an abbreviated year in review post. Looking forward to 2015, there are lots of interesting things happening […]

Death to the Click: Google ‘Store Visits’ Watershed Moment for Ad Measurement

Tweet Google isn’t the first company to start measuring offline store visits. Facebook has done it; so has xAd, NinthDecimal, PlaceIQ, Placed and others. Indeed, those in the mobile ad space have been doing it for some time. Yet Google’s introduction today of a new “Store Visits” metric is a watershed moment. As I say in […]