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Go Daddy a Potential Giant in SMB Digital Marketing Services

Tweet Go Daddy: you know it as the largest domain registrar in the world. It has also been known for its “sexy” (some would say sleazy) commercials. But with new CEO Blake Irving (formerly Chief Product Officer at Yahoo) at the helm and some local veterans in its ranks now, the company is making a […]

Farmer Asks Local Publishers the ‘Why Question’ Too

Tweet Many of you may have already seen this but here’s a list of some of the sites that have “lost” or been most affected by the Google Farmer algo update (per sistrix): Aaron Wall also has a lengthy and interesting article on what’s going on. Many IYP and local directory sites appear to be […]

Google Ranks the Web's Top Sites

Tweet Barry Schwartz at SEL posts on a new Google/DoubleClick AdPlanner ranking of the Internet’s top 1000 sites. This list is global, and the data come from installed Google toolbars and other sources. Here are the top 25 sites according to the list: Google has removed its own sites from the list, so no data […]

MerchantCircle Registering SMB Domains

Tweet Mike Blumenthal sent me a link to this post, where he describes the following: It appears that Merchant Circle has purchased as many as 10,700 domains. These domain purchases have been going on for a number of months and are often in the format of MC has gone on to create a website […]

Debating the Value of 'Yellow Pages'

Tweet The ever-provocative Chris Smith pointed me to a blog post in which he criticizes the amount of money — $3.85 million — that AT&T reportedly paid for the domain “” Putting aside the price, I think the acquisition is part of AT&T’s consolidation of the “yellow pages” brand online. Chris also mentions the nearly […]

What the Heck Is a 'LocalSearchPuid'?

Tweet Gary Price noticed a bunch of new Microsoft domain registrations. Among them is the enigmatic “LocalSearchPuids.” What the heck is that? Price speculates: PUID = (Portable Unique IDentifier). But what do you think? A local search “PUID” is: Portable Unique Identifier/ID A new ultra-portable micro PC device The local-search elves that Google is hiring […]

Marchex's Massive 'Local Network'

Tweet If you can believe it, Marchex has simultaneously launched more than 100,000 local and vertical search sites representing over a billion pages. The move is probably unprecedented outside of a search index. In May of 2006 Marchex acquired local search site OpenList and has used its technology assets and methodology to enable this launch. […] Wanna Buy a Domain?

Tweet My colleague Brian Smith who blogs for Search Engine Land and has his own excellent blog, Comparison Engines, asked me to publicize that the domain is for sale. How much is it worth? I would say at least one million dollars. 🙂 (not owned by Brian) is a B2B search engine. Seriously, […]

What's in a (Domain) Name?

Tweet The WSJ’s Kevin Delaney writes (sub req’d) about the domain “” coming up for sale — a Halloween appropriate story: 🙂 is scheduled to be offered in a live auction organizers predict will draw bids of more than $1 million. The hot market for domain names, the addresses people often type in for […]

Brands, Domains and Web 2.0

Tweet If you’re a traditional (offline) company you can create a domain name that doesn’t identically match your company name. For example, if you are “Widgets R Us” you could be or, and so on. Your offline brand and online presence don’t need to match 100%, although it’s desirable if they do. Where […]